Suggested new banner photo for and their Twitter

The Alex Lupul photo of Ja’Gared Davis at the top of the 3DN article below should be the banner for the team’s online presence for the next little while. Not to pick on Davis, it would just be an interesting and unusually honest way of acknowledging how a lot of people feel right now.

The article itself is fairly accurate but there is no need to sulk for very long. This team now has a great foundation and core. They will be competetive for many more years to come. I’m sure many of fans are already thinking about next season.

that was pretty cool, thanks for the link oops, just read on, they get paid for doing it, no so cool.

Except for “Mike Jones drop.”
He didn’t drop it. The ball was batted out of his arm, by the other Mike Jones, who was a Winnipeg standout in the game. That occurred as TiCat Mike was pulling the ball into his body, while falling. He didn’t bring his other arm in, to secure the ball, instead extending it out to brace his landing. If there’s an issue, with our Jones, on that play, I’d say it was that his natural reaction was to protect his body ahead of protecting the ball. The pass was close to, but not perfect. It was a touch short of leading the receiver who had a step, or two, on the trailing defenders. Our Jones appeared to make a good play to initially catch the pass, in that situation.

I thought maybe it was because he knew he was short of the goal line and was hoping to squeeze out an extra couple of yards. But I’m guessing he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Good receivers make that catch and secure the ball first before hitting the turf. Something to work on in the off season.

I just checked my crystal ball. Mike Jones has a new mailing address next season.

A highish paid National is not required in our passing attack.