Suggested I made to CFL Comiss.,re last 3 min. of game

I recently emailed the Comiss. and suggested that in the last three minutes a game, a team kicking the ball should not be allowed to punt the ball after running down the clock, the clock should stop until they punt, it hurt the riders on Sat. against the Edmonton and it truely hurt MTL in the last Grey Cup in MtL against the stamps. I believe it would make for a better product and make the last 3 minutes more existing and have fans stay on the edge of their seats if the game was close. I didnt and should have entered my rule change, but I didnt , thought maybe the Comiss. would bring it to the table. I believe its a wicket good change. CFL fans, Im a CFL fan first and for all the teams and care about the CFL.

                          I also have numerous times emailed the comiss. MC, suggestions about improving the dress -up and CFL home fields and Grey Cup, CFL logo`s and CFL team logos to improve the overall good and to make it mandatory that all CFL teams have their team logos in the end zones and at centre field and CFL logo as well on the home fields . I suggested that during the Grey Cup, the teams that are represented should have their CFL team logos illustrated in the end zones and as well again to have the CFL logo and the Grey Cup logo at centre which they have done, but only the Grey Cup logo. I told the Comiss. MC it looked very bear and unprofessional. and very poorly done, it actully embarrassed me, because the tickets looked good, why doesn`t the Grey Cup field. I know I`m right on all my suggestions and I told the Comiss. MC, that we truely must improve and start looking better and be better presented and market our product better, and I presented this to him two yrs ago and nothing has been gone, same old, unprofessional look and no change as well as the last Grey Cup, no change, same old look, which is not impressive, specially when something can be done to improve our image. WHY STAY THE SAME, WHY NOT IMPROVE AND LOOK MORE PROFESSIONAL  AND LOOK LIKE A PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL LEAQUE AND MAKE THE CFL BETTER

I completely disagree with your rule change.

It is the offenses right to use all 20 seconds. If they want to waste it that is fine.

And quite frankly, I disagree with your saying that the fields look unprofessional. And telling someone that you know you are right is not always the best tactic to go with when suggesting imporvements. It is condescending and takes a lot of the merit out whatever it is you are going to say.

i diagree with the getting rid of the 20 seconds...but i agree with the logo's is it soo hard to put logos on the field of the home team!

The rule would have to be that the clock does not start until the snap of the ball on 3rd down after the three minute warning. It would also affect kneeldowns as well. The problem is that it would extend games, and it would completely change the clock management strategy. It’s interesting because the extra time would benefit the losing team, as it would be harder to run out the clock. It almost seems like an unfair advantage.

The final 3 minutes are exciting as it is. The Riders were stopped only needing a half a yard. They had lots of time, but didn't execute.The clock didn't hurt the Riders, the Riders hurt the Riders. That's all part of the game , the winning team has earned the right to take time of the clock, by playing better. Most teams keep their 1 time out,for late in games.If there is a minute left and you have a time out, you are forcing the winning team to get a 1st down. so the losing team can get the ball back 2 or 3 times in the last 3 minutes.The nfl ,game over with 5 left most of the time. What hurt the Als in last years Cup game , was Calvillo throwing some costly interceptions and Deangeles kicking a 50 yard dagger, to take the wind out of the Als sails.

I think it's a good idea to propose rule changes on this forum, to get some discussion going, maybe get some idea of why it's not a good idea. That's what this is all about.

But saying "I know I'm right" throughout your post is basically telling everyone that "I'm not going to listen to anyone who disagrees with me." And complaining that two years after writing to the commissioner, nothing has been done, comes across as arrogant. Almost like, "How dare they not obey my command?"

As for your idea, if you make it illegal for a team to run the clock down on a punt, what about a field goal? Should it just be on third down, or should it also be banned when you are kicking on first or second down? And shouldn't they be allowed to run it down when they are going to fake a kick? If you make it illegal on third down, what about third-down gambles? Suppose there are 19 seconds left and you just want to run out the game clock? Basically, it's not a good idea. I know I'm right. :wink:

It would have to be blanket on 3rd down after the 3-minute warning, like I said before. No other rule would be enforcable. I like it because it gives the losing team an advantage of more time, making games closer and causing more back-and-forth play at the end. It would make it much more difficult for the winning team to kill the clock. If you force the kick-return out of bounds, a two-and-out only eats 20-25 seconds rather than 40-45.

The only problem is that it prolongs the game no matter what -- and there are a lot of games that are over long before the three-minute warning. Prolonging garbage-time is the only disadvantage I see to the idea.

Games are already 3 plus hours, we need to trim time, not increase it to 3 in half hours.

The purpose of the 20-second clock and the 3-minute warning is to prevent teams from running the game clock out once they get the ball. We don't need additional rules to keep a losing team in the game.

If a team is kneeling to run out the last 40 seconds, it's because the other team has fallen behind, surrendered possession, and has no time-out to stop them from doing so. If you're down by more than a touchdown, then that 20 seconds isn't going to help you. If you're down by a touchdown or less, then you've either (a) turned the ball over, (b) scored after falling way behind and failed to recover an onside kick, or (c) allowed the other team to put together a time-consuming drive in which they have gotten one or more first downs. All of these are situations in which the losing team HAD a chance, but blew it. The game is over. Kill the final 20 and let's go home.

I said I know Im right on the logos, and dress-up of home CFL team field logos and the Grey Cup to be dressed up more, better, is better, how can you agrue or disagree with better and change for the better to improve the CFL image which needs improving and yes I have an eye for marketing a product and improving the overall image of the CFL , even MC the cfl commissioner when he was on fan 590 and when they chose my email relating to the same topic and my suggestions , he, the commissioner asked me if I wanted a job, so he was admitting I was right, thatis why I said I was right.


a good team, will know how to properly manage the last 3 minutes of a game. a poor team, well.. obviously doesn't know how.

teams that use their time out at the wrong, is badly coached.. especially if it happens more often than not.

proper management of the clock is things like making sure your receiver steps out of bounds after a catch, trying to avoid having the clock run unnecessarily, no-huddle offense.

if you are unable to do that, you deserve to lose the game.

if the team who is winning with 40 seconds or less to go, they've earned the right to run the clock down to 1 second before punting the ball.. you can't change that? it's a rule that is deserving for the winning team!

it's ridiculous.

now if you wanna complain about something..

complain about the NFL and their ability for teams to walk off the field with 40 seconds to go...

THAT rule is a joke!

In a related matter . . .

I have seen many times where teams who are winning will take a Time count penalty on 3rd down to utilize every last second of a play clock and then use the play after the penalty - Essentially a 4th down - to have their QB run around the filed like an idiot and then launch the ball as high as he can out of bounds.

This is ridiculous. It gives teams 4 downs to kill a clock. Unecessary!

Also, teams do this sometimes to lessen the angle on short and sharp FG attempts. I have even seen it done to get the special teams closer to a position to kneel in the endzone.

This is weak. Instead of delay of game speeding up the game, it actually is delaying the game.

Time count violation on 3rd down is a loss of down and turnover.
It would not change the game much. Teams rarely, if ever, get Delay of game on Punts, FGs, or 3rd down at all unless it is intentional.

I repeat: Time count violation on 3rd should be a turnover.

Disagree if you like but please explain why.

There actually is a rule that forces a loss of a down if the officials deem it to be an intentional timecount late in a game, I am sure someone can post an exact interpretation of the rules. Problem is I've never seen an official call it.

Article 9 – Time Count
The Referee shall allow Team A 20 seconds in which to put the ball into play. If the
stadium countdown clock is not in operation, the Referee shall be the sole judge as
to when the time count shall commence, after allowing both teams reasonable time
in which to line up after the preceding play.
PENALTY: L5 DR – Yardage penalty may be declined.

NOTE: After the three-minute warning has been given in a half the penalty shall be
12D – LD, 3D – L10 DR. (translation: loss of down on 1st or 2nd down, 10 yards on 3rd down)

NOTE: The penalty for a time count violation on a convert attempt shall be L5 DR at
any time during the game.

NOTE: If in the opinion of the Referee, Team A is taking a deliberate third down time
count penalty, the Referee may order Team A to put the ball in play legally within 20
seconds or forfeit possession to Team B.

I have not once in the history of Football I've watched here in Canada seen that call made.

no team has ever really made it that bluntly of a delay.

What is being missed by those posting here is that Edmonton let the clock run down to one second, then called a time out. It would have made no difference whether they were in punt formation or not. Crying about this is simply that, crying. Edmonton played it right and all the letters to the commissioner won't change anything. Save your paper and ink

Yup I agree. the Teams are simply using the rules to the letter and that's part of the game.. quit whining!

But he's saying that the game clock shouldn't have been moving while the play clock ran down to one second. His suggestion is that third down would have the same effect as stepping out of bounds or throwing an incompletion.

I don't think any official would dare make that call. To award possession to the defence on a penalty, well, that would be crazy.

And that's why I don't think your idea should be implemented, Thryllin. You grab a guy's face mask, risking serious injury, and it's a 15-yard penalty; your punter takes one second too long to get the play started and it's a turnover? That's ridiculously harsh.

I dont see anything wrong with what the Esks did… any team would have done the same thing, why even give your opponent an opprotunity to win the game? Sask had plenty of chances to win the game in the previous 59 minutes of the game. When there is less than 3 minutes to go, time management is part of ball control as much as stringing together first downs would be.

This topic is reminiscent of another one started after Week 1 about Richie Hall calling a timeout at the end of the game when Alexis Serna was about to kick the game winning field goal.

I suppose that's the good thing about blowouts: You don't get these sort of topics afterward.