Suffering from CFL Withdrawls...check this out!

Suffering from CFL withdrawls...
It's game day!
TORONTO ROCK GAME DAY!....You know? Lacrosse our first national sport!
at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre: 1132 Invicta Dr, Oakville, ON

Admission is FREE! Yep FREE
Doors open at 6:00 so lets be there at 5:30 and sit together!
The TRAC only seats 800 so get there early!
After the game we're heading to
1289 Marlborough Court,
Oakville, ON
See you there around 10:00
There's also games on Dec 14th and the 21st before the season starts at the ACC!
Hey, this is Canadian men playing our Canadian sport and it's awesome.
Affordable too, my 9th year as a season ticket holder just $38 a game for lower bowl reds at the ACC!
It's National Lacrosse League Toronto Rock GAME DAYYYYY!

Here's a ticket deal for the Rock's home opener on January 3rd!

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I've watched them as well as the Roughnecks on TV. It's entertaining as hell.

I’ve been to a few Rock games and they are a lot of fun. I went to a playoff game once and the crowd around me had drunk a few beers (a Rock crowd of 12,000 will drink more beer than 19,000+ at Leafs and Raptors games according to a buddy who works the concessions at the ACC). It was getting late in the game and the Rock were down by two and the guy behind me starting rubbing my bald head for luck - and within seconds the Rock scored. So next time the Rock got the ball he and his buddy both started to rub my head and sure enough within seconds the Rock scored again. After that whether I liked it or anybody within reach of my head wanted to rub it. The game went into overtime and the Rock won. Everybody around me thanked me for use of my bald head - when really I should have been thanking them for one of the nicest and longest head massages I’ve ever had. lol

I highly recommend going to one of their games if you get a chance. Tickets are quite reasonable.

Well said TravelPatB, a funny stat is more beer is drank at a Rock game then a regular season Leaf and Raptor game That's been that way since they played in the old MLG.
The kids trying to make the team played their tails off this passed Saturday and the next two preseason games will only get more intense.
Both the game this Saturday (Dec 14th) @ 7:00 at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre in Oakville and the one next Saturday Dec 21st at the TRAC as well are free admission.
Let me know if you're coming and I can give you a little Lacrosse 101 lesson if you're not familiar with the game.
Hope to see some Ticat fans there!

TODAY-DEC 14 @ 7:00 PM the ROCK play Rochester!
Come and see the game!

:rockin: It's game day ROCK Lacrosse style! :rockin:

I hope you make it!