Sudden Impact: A team-by-team look at Free Agency

Appreciate the feedback! You are more savvy with the finer details than I am. Overall the Elk will be more competitive this year - Ottawa and BC as well. Definitely good for the CFL as a whole! We'll see what holes the draft can fill next.

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Rourke's performance will have EVERYTHING to do with how BC performs. No veteran in sight yet for back-up concerns me. Colour me optimistic, but wary.

Well all the teams will be releasing about 97 players on cut down day, Jon, unless your Bombers plan on carrying the 97 DB's you're sifting through LOL. In defence of Jones, however, the 2 big cuts in Dec & Jan resulted in ONE player being claimed by another CFL club - James Tuck by the Riders. So I won't criticize him for that.

I agree with your assessment pretty much, Jon. But we both knew the big early signings were going to catch up with Wpg eventually. Harris was the obvious man out & I don't fault the Bombers for moving on. If it ended there that's one thing. But you lost the best receiver in the CFL last year & a handful of All-Stars - Darby, Alford, Desjarlais. Personally I don't see that as a win. And your pal Jones apparently has been "kicking" the tires on Castillo. You may want to find some spare change somewhere yet. Way too early to see how it all washes out. LOL

Right. Well dynasty in Stampland is one GC win in a row. Should have won 2 straight a few times. There were 8 different GC winners in the 10 years between 2010-2019. So everyone pretty much has their day.

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Yes I agree and stated many times it is too early to tell. All I have predicted is that Winnipeg will be the pre season GC favourite and I have seen nothing to change that. For now we're just spitballing. aren't we?

I say 97 players for Edmonton because they do seem to have far more players under contract than any other team. If only one of Jones' housecleaning casualties was picked up then it would appear that he did a pretty good job, although you wouldn't expect a lot of takers for marginal players on what was the worst team in the league.

The Bombers still kept their best players and core intact. Best Oline minus Desjarlais. Jeffersoncoat. Nicholls, Rose and Alexander in the secondary at a minimum. Alford will be back if he doesn't stick in the NFL. Collaros and same running backs they used for most of last year. One more receiver, a LB and a backup QB would help. They still have lots of time to find these pieces. I never thought for a second that Castillo would return. He was a rent a stud and proved in the playoffs that he is the best clutch kicker in the league. He still has his sights set on the NFL but if he returns to the CFL Winnipeg won't have a chance to match what is sure to be his salary, except maybe if he comes back with a few weeks left to spare in the season like he did last year.


Its fair to say we took a bit of a step back, but thankfully even after losing that step, we'll still easily be competitive. Just might be a bit harder to make it a 3peat!


No one said it would be automatic. And they probably won’t have the dominant once a half century defense of last year, but they are still the team to beat.


Yes he does think that...

You should be more than competitive. It would be insulting for the oddsmakers to not have the Bombers as favourites. But as the saying goes, you gotta change every year or suffer the consequences. War Room, a book on Belichek's legacy, made the point that you get rid of players a year or 2 before their expiry date. That means you may be losing a year or 2 of production but you have to exchange pieces here & there & go younger. Hufnagel is a good example of that. Look how many changes he has made & they still win.
Take away all the moves by teams this year & it boils down to the same things I said last year. The Bombers are vulnerable in 2 areas. They haven't replaced Medlock & Collaros' concussion history, with no decent backup. They brought back essentially the same team in 2021 that they had in 2019 with one exception - Collaros. With Jefferson, Harris, all the talent they had, they were a 3rd place team. Zach was the difference. And even then, they bumbled their way to a 4 pt win in the final because of the Riders' ineptitude failing to take advantage of the Bomber ineptitude. And they needed OT in the GCC. Favourites? Absolutely. They deserve that respect. But right now, especially if they don't get their kicking situation fixed, they look like a 3rd place team to me behind the Stamps & Riders.

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Have to agree with most of what you say here Pants.
Last year they would be comfortably ahead most games and did not need to worry about an important last min kick. Probably won't have that luxury this year.
Then again, maybe Leggs takes a step forward and becomes a great, young kicker?
Feb is not the time to be thinking about who finishes where. I'm happy with knowing we'll be in the fight though.

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Don't you think Cody having. Torn PEC that normally would have been 9bgsmes on the injury lust had some of the reason too.... Boneheaded reasoning if that is not meantioned

Overstatement. He's going to be very good, but I think it will depend on the status of Lucky Whitehead, and Burnham.
3 major issues were (and have been for quite a few years):
Offensive line, running back and kicking.
Offensive line was dismal when Reilly arrived, and was only slightly better in his final year here. Rourkes success will be dependent on the O-line, and the ability to move the ball quickly to the two above. (especially if he doesn't get a new consistent and reliable running back. They haven't had one in years!
Lastly, Kicking has been bad for quite a few years as well. They've cast aside several in the past 10 years that have made significant careers in other cities. Whyte returning is too little too late, but will be a huge temporary fix while grooming the next one.

Looking forward to opening day hopefully people will actually show up and support this league
Go stamps

True enough on most points especially about the O-line, but I have a hunch Whyte might have a few good years left in that leg of his. Playing here might persuade him to keep going a while yet.

I agree(except for that bit about the Stamps)

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I would say the only teams that made an impactful, significant upgrade were Ottawa and Edmonton. The team that took the biggest risk was BC. The jury is out on everyone else.

Huf is amazing. Our very own Kyle Walters is currently enrolled in the John Hufnagel School of Frugality and Outright Cheapness when it comes to building a perennial contender. It's always best to learn from the best right? :grin:


I totally agree with you on that. I listened to a couple of broadcasts & I can't believe how high some are on BC. The Lions improved their D significantly BUT the offence hasn't changed. The top 4 receivers are great but Whitehead, Burnham, Rhymes & Cottoy were there last year. They added Petermann & lost Shaq. The starting RB is still there. And that OL! Added McGloskey, lost Steward. Ryker unsigned. QB - Reilly out, O'Connor & Harker in. For all the talk for 2 years now about beefing up the OL, at this point it looks the same old, same old.

Walters was in a tough spot. But I'm a bit surprised that Hansen remains unsigned & maybe Grant. They lost Nelson to the Elks. Need to take care of ST's.

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