Sudden Impact: A team-by-team look at Free Agency

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Again Calgary Stampeders suffer the most number of departures of any other CFL team in the 1st day of Free Agency. Good thing Huff discovers all the great talent and Dave Dickenson develops them into players that become so greatly in demand.

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Stampederfan - You seriously believe that the other 8 teams in the CFL do not scout, develop, sign, or draft talent for their teams – they only draw talent from the Stampeders? With that logic, I guess that makes the Stamps the CFL’s farm team.

Here is something to ponder – regarding the 8 players the Elk have signed so far, none of them came from Calgary. In fact, none of the players who have signed have ever played for them in past! I can’t really speak for the other fan bases who comment here on a regular basis – but I’m confident they too track down good solid talent elsewhere – and perhaps cherry pick a player every now and then from the Stamps.


Technically not true. Winnipeg also had 7 departures. Not listed are Darby (Ottawa) & Mike Jones (Mtl). Both teams lost some game changers & though Winnipeg brought in Ellingson, Calgary earlier got Judge. So IMO they both have been affected fairly equally. As previously predicted, the 3 teams with the cash were going to be the most active. Ottawa, BC & Edmonton were just that. No real shockers, even Harris. The only guesswork there was his landing spot which caught me by surprise.

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Good point. In fact no team was beating up on the Stamps. In fact, if you look at the departures the 7 players went to 6 different teams. Only the Argos took 2 & their coach has a relationship with the Stamps so no huge surprise Amos joined DC Mace there.

pantsonfire - Exactly – the main point is that ALL teams to a high degree scout, develop, sign, or draft their own players. It is not simply the purview of Calgary only! Any thoughts on the Elk signing? Would like your input.

Happy with our additions – bummed about the losses (especially Purifoy).
No confirmation on Micah Johnson signing in Hamilton (reported by Farhan Lalji Jan. 5th). 3DN speculated that if he signed, Laurent was likely gone. Interestingly Laurent has re-upped.
Wishful thinking I know but…

Every team that finishes well has a lot to lose at free agency. Winnipeg, Sk and Hamilton have taken huge hits as well. Bottom dwellers like Edmonton and Ottawa have the most to gain. I do like the signings of Moncrief, Sankey and Duke. But the guys that leave hurt! Another reason not to buy a Jersey of our favourite players.

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The biggest"Steal" of one team from another was the Riders removing a near complete Edmonton coaching staff the year after the Esks won** the last Grey Cup**. Edmonton never really ever recovered from that. Reily left for BC and the Esks were done. Typically free agency hurts the top teams because with success guys want a raise and winners can't keep everyone. Guys that win playoff games come into the GM's office thinking they deserve more. Teams that lose in playoffs have players that do not really have a lot of bargaining power. I wonder what the Dickenson family gatherings are like when the Stamps or Riders get a star player from the other team? LOL

Again as ALWAYS another comment out of his behind from a stumps fan and the most delusional one at that

Happy to provide it, but I may be dead wrong. I thought the Elks had a great team last year so what do I know. Unlike the last bunch this past season Jones I find to be very methodical in his approach. There was one insider who made the point on Sunderland that he thought getting talented players would mean they also knew how to play ST's & that isn't always true. That stuck with me because the club has been lousy on ST's for awhile now.

Anyway, IMO Jones has done some very good things. Obviously he didn't get the QB he wanted & they may have to go with Arbuckle but I'm OK with that. McAdoo has been much criticized for his offence but he gets a lot out of inexperienced QB's. No one got more out of Franklin or Bridge than McAdoo. Reilly, in his 2nd year, developed into a star, GC MVP & winner. Fajardo in his 1st year as starter was the West nominee for MOP. Kevin Glenn had his best season in 7 years @ age 38 under McAdoo. So I like the idea they may have stick with Arbuckle & Cornelius.

He got a good veteran LT in Thompson & re-upped Kelly @ RT. Korte is a great add & can play any OL position well. Lawler joins a pretty good receiving corps. (I think Walker was badly misused last year although he had some stinkers late).

Hated to see Moore, a West All Star in 2019, go but he's a tweener @ 269 lbs. He wants to go National @ DT. They have Rector, who had 4 sacks in 11 games listed @ DT & brought in Henry. Lacey is an upgrade @ MLB & great on ST's. Konar, Antigha & Onyeka also bolster ST's. Gainey will help in the backfield. They need more ballhawks.

So I like what he's done. He's not just loading up on defence. And Jonescan find guys. Look at the Riders. Marshall, Teitz, Leonard are star players he brought in on defence. Vaughn, Evans. Lauther were guys Jones brought in on offence. Just a sample.

OTOH Moncrief is a big loss but his girlfriend's in Regina so there's that. I hated to see Boateng & Betts leave but am excited about Costigan (6 sacks in 11 games). And definitely hate losing Whyte. He leaves a rather large hole. Rumour has it Jones is kicking tires on Castillo should he give up on the NFL. Overall, I think he's turned the ship around & it's pointing in the right direction. Long way to shore yet.

I understand your anger towards Calgary Stampeders And their fans. After all you have to cheer for a loser team while we cheer for a winning one.

It must be very disappointing to spend time and your limited funds on a team that loses nearly every year. It most likely makes you feel like a loser.

Right? I see that is a fact by your very disrespectful reply to my posting. You poor sole!

I have 0 anger towards stamps're just a complete and udder ID10T

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Riders arguably have the best LB group in the CFL with Moncrief, Sankey & Teitz (& Dean if they keep him). Losing Woodard, Micah & Henry leaves them thin on the DL but it gives the new guys - Marino, Dabire & Robertson a chance to see what they can do. IMO they need more depth there. Would O'Day have kept Gainey if he knew Purifoy, the Rider nominee for D MOP last year, was gone? In a year when they host the Cup I think they should have kept Gainey one more year. They have some interesting young DB's who showed well in limited duty last year BUT can they sign them? Bouka, Hendy, McCray, Lippett, Dearborn & Francis are all DB's listed as unsigned FA's.

I think they're fine on offence but could use some depth @ OL. What happened to LaBatte who was said to be contemplating returning & now isn't talking to anyone? Could he be another guy targeted as redundant? Mind you, would you move out Evan Johnson from LG, Brendan's spot should he have returned?

Despite the losses IMO the Riders have a pretty good group.

Not to mention a number of EDM players.
Still can’t believe they welcomed Jones back.

Just want to say that as a Lion Fan… I am surprisingly at peace with our decision to go with two young Canadian QB’s.

And they both live in the Vancouver area to boot.

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Speaking of to boot. Our new kicker also lives I Vancouver. This could turn into year round practices maybe.

Free agency is looking pretty good on the Lions so far. Reilly's sad departure has a silver lining here, it'll help bring not one, but several new faces.

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So if Calgary is such a wonderful team to play for why do they all flee when the contract is up? (that's a rhetorical question, I already know the answer).


Yes the Lions have been active and done well in free agency. I am happy that both them and Ottawa, and probably Edmonton once they cut about 97 players, have improved. The league should be more competitive from top to bottom this year. The three teams I mentioned, in my opinion, improved the most. That was not unexpected.

I would say that Montreal, Winnipeg, Toronto and Sask stayed roughly the same, which for Winnipeg is a win. I would also say that Hamilton and Calgary didn’t even do that.

Unless there is a further signing in BC I would say that their standing next year will have a lot to do with how Rourke performs. He looked good in the short amount of work I have seen from him. Good luck.