Successful Season?

How many Wins Will The Ti-cats Get This Year?

Will We Make The Playoffs?

I say we go 10-8 this season and finish 2nd in the East Division because i dont think Montreal will be that great this season but will still make the playoffs and Winnipeg has a good team but will just fall short and even though i hate em I predict Toronto finsihes 1st In the East

What do u think???

If Allen can last through the season, then the Argos might finish first. I say might because they aren't a lock. With Allen having a decent, healthy year, they should get enough production out of him to finish first since their defence is still solid and their special teams are great. I am not sold on Michael Bishop starting because when he has filled in for Allen as a starter, his TD-to-INT ratio has been putrid. I am convinced he is colour-blind when he has to throw the ball 25 yards or more. The Argos will have to pick it up offensively this season (having Avery start will help, IMHO) for them to win the East.

Winnipeg could win the East if Glenn becomes a QB who can win games at clutch times consistently. He is a decent QB who has flashes of brilliance but can also make poor decisions. If the Bombers can get the ball in Charles Roberts's hands more this year, it will help Glenn out even more. I am not a fan of Doug Berry's game management skills, so it will be interesting to watch. if Glenn gets hurt, they have NO clear backup at QB. None.

Defensively, the Bombers have a lot of talent. Any team with Barrin Simpson in the middle can bring it. It really depends on Glenn becoming an elite QB. Punting help for Westwood is needed...Pat Fleming? Ugh.

Montreal: flux. It reminds me of the Tabbies, circa 2002. The roller coaster is starting to descend and this isn't LaRonde. They have an aging OL, depth issues at wideout, and they have the same fundamental pressure-D scheme they had under Matthews without the big sack-production they had in 2004 with Anwar Stewart laying waste and being the Most Outstanding Defensive Player. Can be play-actioned and run at (the loss of Ed Philion will be big in the run-stopping area)...

The Cats? We shall see. If you are talking who has the best football-minded head coach (X's and O's-wise) in the East, it's Taaffe. Period. Gameplanning will be much improved this year and the depth coordinator-wise will pay dividends. We will have a balanced attack. The running game as a commitment is back and you will see a play-action game again, something the Cats haven't had since...Kerrigan to Stapler and Ingram, 1985? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I really like the overall upgrades in our Canadian depth -- the drafting of Bekasiak will be as huge as he is. He isn't Mike Philbrick II yet, but given time, he will be the run-stopping inheritor of that mantle. I also have liked Zeke Moreno from his time with the Chargers and he could become an impact guy for our D. If we get any improvement on our pass rush this year, Tay Cody can be an all-Canadian. Karikari as safety would make more sense to me, but it's the coaches' call. I hope Armour is able to have all his recent troubles sorted out because he brings it on the field. The defence could surprise.

In Setta We Trust. LOL If he can do both kicking roles, it would be huge. Regardless, our special teams will be better coached and they will be better because of the drafting we've had. Ray mariuz is a special teams assassin along with Hitch: more depth will help us win more field position battles.

One word: TURNOVERS! We simply need more fumble recoveries and interceptions to even dream of being in the competitive mix come November. Attacking the ball at every opportunity. We haven't had a ball-popping psycho in the middle since the days of Calvin Tiggle, frankly.

I like the personnel upgrades we've made and I expect more defensive scoring and game swings from this unit than we've had since 1-17.

The roster has to jell and the X-factor -- Corey Holmes -- will have to re-emerge with a banner year if the Cats are going to make any noise in the regular season. A playoff spot is certainly not out of the question. But questions remain.

We have to get out of preseason before the concreteness can set of course. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

Caveat umpteenth: every thing I just wrote about the Cats is a potential issue. Last year's FA splashes were decimated by injuries and, being frank here, the worst collective coaching we had since pre-Lancaster, 1998.

The potential this year is tempered with the realization that its a younger club and that a new regime and systems are in place. Taaffe is a HUGE plus in terms of how he gameplans and how we works with the QBs in particular. Maas et al will be held more accountable because Charlie is more hands-on than we have seen in many a year re the passing game. It's not the Danny-Mac-as-veritable-OC on the field era anymore.

The offensive line's successes as a unit will drive this thing. If the running game can be reasonably consistent on first-down (4-5 yards a carry avg.), then it will help the passing game greatly. I expect Maas OR SOMEONE ELSE IN THE MIX to emerge this season and allow for our team to be competitive game after game this year. No whining, no tantrums. Consistent application of a system. This team must find an identity on all sides of the ball again starting this season.

Have Ralph Sazio, Garney Henley, Angelo Mosca, Earl Winfield and whoever else of our illustrious alumni in from time to time and reinforce to these players the pride they should have in that uniform (yes, even the Reebok one LMAO)!

Interesting times ahead.

Oski Wee Wee,

Thank You oski-oui-oui i appreaciate ur comment and u seem like a guy that really noes ur football and i have to agree with most of the things u said

if we play the way we practiced on saturday afternoon we will b 4-14 again

p.s anybody know why talman gardner was inactive during the black and gold game?? he is injured?

His Ankle was Sore
So they Decided to keep him out of the hitting.
He did not Practice Sunday Ether.
He was out side Watching .

I don't know about 3:30 Today Cause I had to work on a Few Computers that where in for Repair.

I hope it Nothing to bad Cause He has been one of our better Wideouts at Camp.

To be PERFECTLY FRANK ... a successful season in my view would be one where the team ...


You may not be ABLE to WIN them all ... but as long as I see EFFORT commensurate with what I think it means to be a PRO Athlete then I will CONTINUE to SUPPORT them with my hard(ly) earned PESOS.


The reason I'm optimistic is because all sorts of people I respect keep saying things like "Charlie sure knows what he is doing" and "where'd you find those assistants - they are the best group in the league right now."

So I'm with those of you who are inclined to give the coaches and Marcel the benefit of the doubt on the player moves.

I think a playoff spot is a sure thing* and then it is a question of which way the ball bounces as to how far we go in the playoffs.

Cheers, Bob.

  • feel free to remind me of this one in November. :wink: :wink:

I think making the playoffs is completely possible. I agree with MS about everyone giving 100% effort all the time. I can't ask for any more than that.

As for the coaching staff, I really like them. Taaffe says what he thinks and doesn't sugar coat things and I respect that. I also LOVE watching Gregg Butler coach. He kills me. He doesn't take any crap and he works the guys hard. He is really fun to watch. I haven't really seen much of the other coaches.

I know there are a lot of question marks, but that may well work in our favour. Let them take us lightly. Look what being the "underdog" did for the Bulldogs this year. :wink:

to be successfull in cfl a team has to be "good at all three facets of the game"- Ticats have a lively bunch on D, a pk/punter avg 70 yard kick off,s - the O has until the playoffs to get it going :thup:

Too bad they won't be in the playoffs if they have to wait that long.

i think we'll be 6-12 and won't get blown out as often as last year.

The key to this year's season will be how this team plays after Labour Day. We only have 3 games at home prior to this. With all the changes, and a tough schedule, I will be surprised if we are 3 and 6 by that time. After this, if we are going in the right direction, and haven't been killed by the injury bug, we may play at or above %500.

This would put us at 8 - 10. This will be border line for making the playoffs.

I really expect better things this year if not just because of the improvement in the GM and coaching staff. Unlike the last half of last year, changes will be made via trade or by bringing new players in if the team is not successful, or there are considerable injuries like there were last year.

Hang on tight everyone, and keep your expectations reasonable, I suspect we are in for a bumpy ride at the start of the season.

I will consider this year to be successful if we are going in the right direction after Labour Day.


i think we'll be 6-12 and won't get blown out as often as last year.
This would put us at 8 - 10. This will be border line for making the playoffs.
These coaches and players are not working as hard as they are to build a team that will lose until Labour Day.

This years Ticats are going to surprise many teams in this league, and some people on these forums. :wink:

I'll still only believe it when i see it.

But i'm glad your raising expectations on here it only makes them get that much more worked up when we lose. This place will be a war zone if we lose opening week, or even if we lose to Winnipeg, heck they were already getting worked up over a game played against themselves lol.

These coaches and players are not working as hard as they are to build a team that will lose until Labour Day.

This years Ticats are going to surprise many teams in this league, and some people on these forums.

Bob, I hope you’re right, but as much as my heart is with you, my brain is not. I think I see why your icon is the scarecrow, and not the tin man.

If you think the coaches and players on every team are not working hard, you are underestimating them. I remember the amount of optimism about this team at this time last year, and cannot forget the dissappointment so quickly.

I think this team has been improved, but more for the future. A lot of young talent has been added, but we have not made many changes that will provide immediate improvement (ie. proven CFL veterans). We have a much better coaching staff, but again, not with a lot of recent CFL experience, and this will not pay dividends immediately.

As I said earlier, I don’t expect this team to have instant success. If the ship continues in the right direction, things should turn around after Labour Day, and as long as that ship keeps turning, I would consider this a success.

Time will tell whose crystal ball works better.

(Comp Eng UofW 1990)

PS - I’d ask you to put your money where your mouth is, but I’d say you already have!


The key to this season is Maas. More than likely he'll be the captain. If it's not happening by week 4... trade him.