Subtle user interface changes but not to worry

some of you might have noticed some subtle changes to the general forum interface in the last 24 hours. these include some font adjustments, an updated header look at the top with more spaced icons and a more appropriate help desk life ring icon. i tweaked some of the team forum headers as well and i fixed the mobile logo and icon placements. the Basic Light theme will continue to be the default theme and the Basic Dark theme will always match it, and colors and layout for both won't ever change (unless a software update does).

there are two additional football themes available (light and dark) and i will likely make more team or event related themes in the near future as further options for our users. new themes won't change the user layout, only the general look and appearance - for example, colors may vary or avatar shapes might be different, but the drop down menus won't be different or one theme won't have functionality that another does not. a user who usually uses one theme should have no trouble using another one, and your browser should always remember the last view you were logged in as (on that device).

feedback and suggestions are always welcome. also, if you are having any issues with any of the user interface, please let me know. i have viewed all themes in both desktop and mobile and they appear to be working as expected.

thanks! :woman_mage: