Stupidity in the Toronto Star: The Buffalo/Toronto Bills

Most of you who do not live in Toronto or Southern Ontario, cannot imagine what some of us CFL fans have been going through for well over thirty years and of late, the stupidity or hooplaw over the NFL story last week.
Well today in the so called national newspaper and which proclaims itself as the leader of Canadiana, in the “ON THE WEBB” portion inside page two in the sports section, the folllowing utterly stupid notice and since I checked on the internet portion and could not find, I will note the following:

The Buffalo/Toronto Bills are back in action this afternoon…

I will be cancelling my subscription and would suggest a boycott which I would not mind starting.
Any takers, please let me know?

I already sent a email to Rogers said I would be boycotting all their products. They responed that they were sorry to hear that. I am switching all my grocery shopping to a CFL sponsor Safeway and Im notifying them why. I dont read that rag. If those reporters were any good wouldnt they be in the USA?

Yuck. Go National Post, the best CFL paper.

National Post is the most pro-war, pro-conservative, pro-american newspaper in the Country. When I do read the National Post it is soley for that fact of wanting to see what they are lying about or embelshing in today's news.

They once completely made up a front-page story about Iran and how they will be forcing all non-muslims (more specifically jews) to wear an armband when in the country of Iran. Then they show a picture of two Jewish people from WWII who were forced to wear the armband.

Turns out there was no truth to the story the put on the FRONT PAGE, then they print a retraction one week later that was three sentences long on a page so far into the paper that nobody would have seen it.

That is more than a foul up. That is spreading lies and hate. Believe me that is just the beginning. They are way ahead of the game when it comes making up BULLSH!T.

Horrible newspaper. I will just stick to the local newspapers.

If people really knew went on in this world.................

. . . very intriguing. Elaborate please.

I don't subscribe to The Star but I wonder if this wasn't just some humour with the whole situation rather than any jab at the CFL, which I don't think it was. Maybe a jab at Buffalo though, I don't know but probably not. Hard to know how to take this but all part of the sports games going on with writers and editors. Really, I don't care much.

hi, umm... for CFL news, why not trust the CFL to give you ligitimate facts about the league? you all have the internet aparently, so why bother griping about poor media? someone tell me if i'm on a limb here.

Well said LB. Newspapers, rightly or wrongly, have become more gossip columns rather than reporters of the news.

Agreed. I don't know how many more times I can see a Paris Hilton or a Mel Gibson on the Front page of my local Newspaper and continue to take them seriously.