Stupidest CFL commercial



i concur although its a wendys ad.

Soooooooooooooooooo overplayed.

But if it weren't played every 2 seconds, I think there are many, many worse commercials out there ... the ranch one, relative to a lot of the crap out there, isn't too bad.

In any case, I find it amusing when he's just going hard at the poker table ... "ranchranchranchranchranchranch"

I just wanna hit that ranch tooth thing. UGHHHH

Could anyone put up a link to that?


i HATE that commercial!!!!

we should get a petition started to have that ad BANNED during CFL games!!
they have a million others to choose from

.......yup, getting pretty sick of that one........and the RONA one where the dork is putting up trim board in his hallway.....ok, pneumatic brad nailers do not fire off like freakin machine guns 'kay RONA!!!!!!.......what the hell is this message conveying anyways?....that even an idiot can put trim up withou the use of a bubble or laser level? least he has his eye protection on....

Ranch is annoying in the extreme; so are the klutzes on the Rona commercials....and I completely fail to understand the point behind the Molson Canadian "it starts here" clue at all.

But, lest we forget, all these horrid ads repeated over and over ad nauseam are still preferable to last year...I got heartily sick of "Scotty and Sara" on their first date for Rogers (hopefully they eloped and are happily married somewhere by now) and that idiotic "Mr. Wendy"

Mr Wendy was not annoying at all, compared to Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch

OMG you guys hate this too, man that is the most annoying commercial effn ever, RAnch Ranch Ranch man i hope he decays or something really soon because i cant stand it!

I don't know if announcers ever come t think of this, but ads can sometimes stop the consumer from buying the advertised product.

For instance, I like the taste of Subway sandwiches, but I haven't been to a Subway restaurant in years because I am too sick and tired of having them pollute my mind with the conceptless failures they call ads.

And I haven't bought any product from the POM bakery in four years because of the stripping bakers they send on the field during every Als game (if you don't know what I'm taking about, read the post about cheerleaders' nicknames).

I'm in the same boat as Third. I don't go to Wendy's or Subway just because their ads are annoying. I hate comparing Canada to the States, but when there is a commercial for a product, (Pepsi, Coke for example) you get 4 or 5 different ads for their product. No one continuos ad over and over again.

Actually, I just use it as my cue to refill the beer mug or chip plate.

My five year old loves the ranch commercials. Only thing that makes it tolerable!

........there you go Wendy's marketing gurus, one five-year-old likes it, everyone else wants it to burn in hell........

I have absolutely refused to have anything to do with Wendy's since those commercials came on, and I will not support them until those blasted commercials are gone - perhaps even beyond, depending on how stupid their next series is.

ranch ranch ranch has to be extracted...Wendy's guys get some variety....Rona shot themselves in the foot or at least they should have with that pneumatic bloody gun...

Yep - that guy ever hear of taking his friggin’ finger off the trigger? Good lord, even I know how to use a nailer. . .

Hey, not everyone of us are good handymen. Apparently, I can't use a measurement tape properly. I just fixed my curtains yesterday and they are about an inch and a half too low. They touch the heater, which prompts me to think my newly acquired property will burn down next winter...

... or, of course, I could move up the curtain pole two inches... sigh...

I wonder if anyone that does advertising with wendy's will read this and take our suggestion to kill the tooth. we can only pray. I think this would pretty much get my nod for most annoying commercial of all time. Second would be "I've fallen, and I can't get up"