Stupid TSN and CFL Fan Polls

I think it is time that TSN stopped asking fans for their opinion because the result is always the same. Winnipeg fans have nothing better to do that to inundate the phone lines voting for whatever Winnipeg player is nominated. There should be some kind of tests to prove that those voting have some brain activity.

Shabazz, give me break next they’ll do a poll on the top QB/receiver combination and then give it to some Winnipeg guys simply because they sold the most raffle tickets at the community fair.

And you care who wins because????????

Because I was fishing and knew I would hook something.

and that was?

Apparently you...

Well ya can't fish without a poll.

Personally, I'm glad Shabazz won. I like his name. I'm not sure who cfleskfan was trying to hook or why... Bored on a Friday, I guess... :expressionless:

I like Shabazz as a player. He played for the Raiders the last time the Raiders were a good team.

:lol: :lol: :lol: That's good! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Can they stuff the ballot in fishing polls in Winnipeg?

I think if the poll were truly skewed by a fan base that has nothing better to do, it would have been Saskatchewan stuffing the ballot box with whoever the Saskatchewan nominee was. I see nothing wrong with Shabazz winning the poll, it does have a unique name. The results could have been worse, Dan Goodspeed could have won.

I guess my point is that whenever they have these fan polls, it is a Winnipeg player who wins, so why bother with them. They also have polls for the greatest of all-time and I would bet two bits to a whole in a doughnut most people responding to the polls have been watching for less than 10 years so how can they really have an educated opinion. A good example was the greatest player of all time poll (yes, I am aware it wasn't a fan poll). Doug Flutie won, yet according to one of those involved with the poll the people who were around to see both Flutie and Jackie Parker voted clearly in favour of Parker. There is no objectivity involved in these polls, they are a popularity contest only, so why bother.

So why do you care? Its a fn poll and really doesn't mean a damn.

Not to mention it wasn't even a serious question. Who has the best football name? Who cares. :lol:

No way. This is a huge issue. We need to develop a scientific means of carefully analyzing this so that we can get a clear-cut decision on this. A decision that is not influenced by the thousands of fans who vote for people from their team, in spite of the protestations of those 50 fans from the other 6 teams.


Well actually I don't care, if I did I would stuff the ballot myself. It is just that on Thursday, I happened to be in my favourite Calgary pub for football games (I have a different favourite pub for watching or mingling with the fairer sex but I digress). Anyways like I said I was sitting in Peanuts watching with my Stampeder fan buddies and cheering for my Eskimos taking a bit of good natured abuse from the afformentioned Stampeder fans of which I are one except on the rare occasion that they are playing my Eskimos. Truth be known at different times I may have taken a lot of food natured abuse but in the end we all know who got the last barbs in, I will point out that I do take it as well as I give it. During the half-time TSN was showing their silly who has the best name feature and my Stampeder buddies pointed out (correctly I might add) that Rambo was by far the best name and that Kabongo sounded more like a name for a Mexican guitarist super hero. I countered by telling them (correctly I might add) that it didn't matter because the Winnipeg guy always wins these polls. They proceded to tall me that I was as far out to lunch as Jake Ireland on a bad day and that there was no way Shabbazz could ever win because despite his name being catchy really it had nothing to do with the macho nature of football and therefore nobody, not even the most misguided Bomber fans would possibly vote for him. Anyways to make an already far too long story shorter, we all know the results of the poll. At least next poll make it so that the Bombers fans at least have to make a decission, like "Which Winnipeg player has the cutest dog" or something like that.

Now you know.

I'm a catholic.

Wow. You're just a regular Red Fisher, the way you spin a yarn. You do go on, mister. I do however, have a question about this "food natured abuse" of which you speak. Did they use sliced onions, or whole onions to abuse you?

No they use lots of tabasco. I've never fished for reds, are there commies out there I need to be aware of? We may or may not need polls or poles but we definately don't need any more spelling nazi's.

Bomber fans are skewing the poll? I remember correct, he did play for the 'Smos, so he could have gotten votes from some Esk fans.. then, someone else points out that a truly skewed poll is when Rider fans vote for their guy(since Dressler did not win, I guess that blows his theory out of the water). It was a fun poll, so it should be taken as it was intended.. with a huge dose of salt..