Stupid Ruggs, Stupid

Prosecutor: Former Raiders WR Henry Ruggs III driving over 150 mph before fatal crash (

He should spend the rest of his life in jail, but will not.

He should never play pro ball again. NFL probably not. CFL, who knows.

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And the Argos sign him in 3...2....1 . A perfect fit for that organization . I mean they already have a beauty of a human being in Oakman on the squad . The two could be cellmates...or I mean room mates . :roll_eyes:

…I don’t think you can walk from this…welcome to the prison league…

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Yup . Welcome to "The Longest Yard" 3.0

and then, a much less of a bad thing, but still stupid is that Idiot Rodgers being deceitful about not being Vaxinated. Not a comment on if he should be vaxed but simply his deceit over it.

On a less important note, that makes 2 major players on two of my favorite teams, sigh

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Sort of another Ricky Williams story:

The world is not short on stupid NFL players

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Ol' Bobber will sign him up to pair with the Simple one

As the Raiders are my second-team and Las Vegas is my town as much as any town, this is depressing.

I now hear the echoes of some codger years ago wagging his wrinkled old finger saying, "We don't want an NFL team in Las Vegas folks, for those young men are going to get into too much trouble ya shee ..."

Meanwhile notice how "POOF!" all the talk about the e-mails for that Washington team have gone away after they tried to put the entire matter on Jon Gruden and those Raiders given the axe some NFL owners still have to grind with the now ghost of Al Davis.

I don't agree with your equivalence here at all. Beyond killing another motorist and her dog at impact speed of 127MPH after going at least 150MPH at some point on those wide county streets very late at night (any locals know this drive home late from a night out well), Ruggs faces likely criminal charges of homicide in some degree.

Ruggs is tremendously injured and it's a heavy assumption right now that he would even be in pro football condition even after recovering from his own serious injuries let alone those of his girlfriend in the car with him.