Stupid questions

Post game scrums:

(from TSN package)

“your streak of 300 yard a game streak has come to an end, is that, uh, is that some kind of relief that you won’t have to talk about that anymore?”

are you kidding me? I get trying to look for the bright side, but c’mon lady… How mentally fragile does everyone thing Masoli is that this is an appropriate question after a bad loss?

This particular TSN media person always seems to ask the stupidest questions of anybody…not sure who dreams them up but they certainly need to get a whole lot better. Not a fan at all of a lot of stuff TSN is doing.

So General Custer, in hindsight, how would you have changed your game plan against the Sioux and Cheyenne ? More run and less shoot?

If you want stupid questions, I'll give you stupid questions. I'm a stable genius when it comes to stupid .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)



That’s a better question than what was asked by the reporter?.

Please start preparing for Saturday’s game by sending a bunch of questions for her to ask to TSN?