Stupid penalties are killing this team

...avoidable ones like the two boneheaded errord by Anderson yesterday, shoving Grant out-of-bounds and the piling on, both which lead to sustaining Rider drives...Browners face mask, the illegal block on the last punt, etc....

...Hufnagel is talking and nobody is listening....maybe someone needs to be shown the exit door so the message becomes understood....

The game appears to be a comedy of errors on the part of the Stampeders. they really have no one to blame but themselves for the performance they put on. The riders are not that good of a team other then they do have a very good defense. but truly that offense is just getting by and yet finds ways to win. :roll: if you know what I mean.

Anderson was a problem that way in Hamilton too, last year. Sad to see he hasn't learned. Kid's got talent, but man is his head ever not screwed on right.

It appears he plays like James West did all out no thinking just hit and take the consequences. He needs to learn discipline for sure. But I believe a lot of these were do to frustration of having Armour removed from the game. Huffer needs to teach these guys that regardless of the refs you play with out frustration and go out and do your job that would take care of the bad call.

Thats create a poll what stamp will be ejected in the next game to help the riders win another game LOL.

equation for a win
best run defense - Armour = Cates having a good game

Seems the reffing crew had this equation figured before the game started. Maybe Higgens can check to see if any of these guys bet on the game LOL.

You guys are just the latest victims of this crack officiating team -- and by crack I mean actually on crack. No way to explain that ridiculous Armour ejection.

But hey, my Als got hosed against Sask too. I guess we're just not allowed to beat those Roughriders.

Yes I agree it appears that almost every game this year with them the calls have been favoring them. Just maybe tailspin has offered a coaching job to Higgy baby.

You are ridiculous..You had the effin lead late in the game and AC threw a pick and JA fumbled the is that the ref's. Some people need their heads checked. Bad play calling screwed the Stamps. Why Burris never kept the ball for 3/4 of a yard is beyond me. After how many years of the Riders being on the losing end of calls, it is about time we get some going our way. Not to mention doing all this with bloody 3rd and 4th stringers credit whatsoever..

Just remember that in the future I have a sneeky suspicion that can go the other way. Funny how some of you feel that only your team has been wronged in the past. But I guess that is the rider fan way. Example:
We have more injuries then any one else or now we have had rotten calls it is now time for it to even out.

Al teams have had calls go against them. The Stamps have lost in my opinion two games due in part of Jake Ireland and his crew in the past three years. Just maybe Jake should field a team he has more wins then the Bombers right now.

I agree 05, infact it almost went the other way with copeland getting the simultaneous catch to set Sandro up. Admittedly it was a tough FG but Sandro is more tahn capable of hitting those.

As for the injuries, I don't think you can deny the injuries we have. They are significant and there are a lot of them.

All I'm trying to say is we are badly injured and guys are filling in and competing and giving their all and yet other fans go an say we are winning because of the ref's. That is not true. Have we got breaks? Absofriggenlutely we have and I won't deny that. You are right, every team gets bad calls and good calls and in the end everything does even out. With the Riders this year, the calls are just coming at such important times so they are magnified a million times more. If it is a blowout either way then there is maybe a small argument on the matter.

However ALL our guys are playing their tails off and getting rewarded for it. Not saying other teams aren't trying but they are screwing themselves as much as the ref's are. Turnovers, dropped balls, stupid play calling, missed opportunities.

I guess I just wish we would get an ounce of credit for not the fact we are 6-0 but how we have got to 6-0.

And trust me I know where you are coming from....we have 3 Grey Cups in our history which I know everyone is well aware of. We have had our share of short comings and yes seemingly more times than not in the past we have been on the short end of the calls but at the same time we never had the teams to be able to bounce back from bad calls.

Your team does deserve credit they are 6- 0 Calgary had their chances and your right about the dropped balls. All of them were well thrown balls. I turly believe the ejection screwed with their heads but they still had the chance to win. Full credit to the riders they keep finding ways to win.

penalty breakdown by player:

Browner 9 penalties (5 No Yards(3 majors), 2 facemask, interference, illegal contact) for 84 yards
Hall 7 penalties (5 holding, illegal block, unnecessary roughness) for 75 yards
Dales 5 penalties (4 time count, one illegal punt) for 30 yards
Anderson 4 penalties (interference (33 yards), facemask, 2 unnecessary roughness) for 78 yards
Calixte 4 penalties (2 illegal block, 2 no yards) for 30 yards
Freeman 4 penalties (4 offside) for 20 yards
James 3 penalties (facemask, roughing passer, illegal block) for 37 yards
Tsoumpas 2 penalties (holding, unnecessary roughing) for 25 yards
Hughes 2 penalties (roughing the passer, offside) for 20 yards
Bannister 2 penalties (illegal contact, pass interference) for 20 yards
Lazeo 2 penalties (2 holding) for 20 yards
Pilon 2 penalties (illegal block, holding) for 20 yards
Chevrier 2 (illegal procedure, offside) for 10 yards
Smith 2 penalties (offside, illegal contact) for 15 yards
Karikari 1 penalty (holding) for 10 yards
Armour 1 penalty (illegal block) for 10 yards
Newman 1 penalty (procedure) for 5 yards
Lewis 1 penalty (offside) for 5 yards
Copeland 1 penalty (offside) for 5 yards
Rowell 1 penalty (no yards) for 5 yards
Rambo 1 penalty (offside) for 5 yards

Players who start who have yet to take a penalty:
Brett Ralph
Dwaine Carpenter
Joffrey Reynolds
Wes Lysak
Howard Hodges

Rider fans kill me. You want to be the lovable underdog AND the unstoppable juggernaut at the same time. Which is it? Because it can't be both. If your team is really that awesome, then it shouldn't be very surprising that they're doing so well, particularly when you consider how poorly your opposition has played at key moments (I'm thinking specifically of my Als sending the hands team on with three minutes left, Armstead taking a knee, then fumbling the ensuing kickoff; Hamilton letting a 2nd and 10 short pass turn into the game-winnning TD, etc.). On the other hand, if your team is really that vulnerable, then quit repeating that your team is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

I know I'm coming off like a bit of a choad here, but honest to God, my Als have had 6-0 or better starts to the season for YEARS and have never gotten the kind of swooning coverage the Riders have received this season in the media. Wes Cates takes a leak and suddenly it's an example of the Riders' intestinal fortitude. Give me a break. You're the defending Grey Cup champs: you're SUPPOSED to be good, you're supposed to have depth, and you're supposed to be able to win in spite of injury. If the Riders were winning soundly and convincingly game after game despite the admittedly formidable rash of injuries they've had to deal with, I'd be willing to hail them as a truly special team. But frankly, the only reason you guys are 6-0 is because your opponents have fumbled and bumbled the games away on the backs of consistently terrible officiating. You don't get a gold medal because the refs and the other team can't do their jobs properly. I put that rant into the Quote of the Year thread?...

By all means! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No doubt! :lol:

Lol feel better? To put it simply, I don't they are the greatest team since sliced bread, all I said was people are not giving them credit by saying the refs are the reason and you are one of them saying the ref's "hosed" your als. So then I guess the refs hosed the Riders for making the exact same call except it went against the Riders right??? Calls go both ways...difference being Riders take advantage and other teams haven't. Calgary was given the chance to win the game and it just didn't happen. If you want my opinion, I think Calgary is the best team in the league. I believe they will win the cup this year. Happy???

The only reason we are 6-0 is becasue of the refs and our opponenets. There it is, the exact lack of respect I'm talking about. I'm not saying build a shrine but be realistic. So you are saying that Wes Cates leading the lead in rushing hasn't helped at all? My god, good effort leads to breaks. If our BACKUP to chunky adams doesn't get pressure on AC he never throws that pick, if Anton never hussles down the field to cut off JA he wouldn't have fumbled, if Cates would not have busted his a$$ downfield to block for Dominguez he would not have been in the position to recover his fumble. Our backup to our Grey Cup MVP comes in and picks off Henry and all that doesn't matter becasue it is all the other team and the refs...give your head a shake. Yeah you are 100% right, Hamilton sat back and LET us get down to the one, it was a "TERRIBLE" play by dressler right? what are you on? Even when your opponenets play bad, you still have to take advantage of that. Look how off Calgary was and they almost won the bloddy game. If they play with better play calling then they win that game, even with all the miscues. Again, the Riders stuff them on 3rd and less than a yard but that had nothing to do with the Riders I guess and it was all Calgary. Ridiculous.

A couple of injuries are expected but what the Riders are dealing with is ridiculous and any fan that isn't 100% against the Riders would agree. You say we are supposed to win because we are the champs, what about Winnipeg? They were the favourites, lost 2 key members on D and their top reciever and they can't adjust. The riders have lost way more than that and they can adjust.

When Montreal went 9-0 they didn't do it with 3 qb's, and 3rd and 4th stringers in their that get very little reps during the week. That is the reason they didn't get coverage. Also, Montreal has consistently had a good team. Two completely different situations. And I bet BC's comeback was not that good either right? You just sat back and let them have the game hey?

Before you go assuming things, maybe read between the lines to what is actually being said, especially when I say "It's not the fact we are 6-0, it's the way we are doing it" and you say ONLY reason is the refs and the other teams and completely unwilling to give credit where it is due..absolute garbage.

I yell Oscar get the gold statue out man disciplineandpunish you deserve it! I mean we have heard them state they are comparable to the New England Patriots! The Als a few years a go went most the season only losing what once. You did not see the Als fans boasting like this. yes I realize it has been a long time between GC wins but enough already.

Not trying to throw gas on the fire, but IMO the play called on that 3rd-and-inches was brutal. I don't think it matters what defence you're playing against, if you drop back to hand off instead of just falling forward, you're significantly hurting your chances.