stupid media

anyone come across the following story

in the story, and many others like it, this animal is referred to by the same person as a steer and a cow.

Even on CTV news they did this.

How do people not know the diff between a steer and a cow.
How do journalists not back check this stuff

now there is a number of articles telling us that knickers isn’t really a cow. gee, how did they finally figger that out. Maybe the cow told them

I saw this too, FYB… To me , Knickers looks like a Holstein AND they keep saying Knickers the cow is a ‘HE’. Cows are female. Bulls are male. There are no ‘HE’ cows. Cattle know what sex they are and they are content with it. Unlike humans !
I have never seen a black and white steer but maybe there are some in Australia.

Come on now, fellas, shouldn’t we ask Knickers what Knickers identifies as, cow or steer? And while we’re at it, why force Knickers into such binaries? Maybe Knickers sees Knickers as an it rather than a he or she. :slight_smile:

Pure BS !!! :wink:

There you go forcing the patriarchy on everything again, Dan.

Maybe it’s not Bull-S but Cow-S, or even something in between.

I propose that from now on we refer to such hogwash as XS.

Or wait, I mean sowwash, or no, itwash, or should it be xwash?

How just poppycock? Uh oh, guess that’s not gender neutral either. :o