Stupid Eskimo fans

Why the hell are they banging drums and screaming when the Eskimos have the ball?

Somebody tell these people to shut up when their team is on offence. It's like Argos fans screaming encouragement when we are at 3rd and 1.

They are shooting their team in the foot! Ricky Ray should motion for them to be quiet.

And guess what?

With the fans howling with all their might, the receiver runs his route too deep...and the pass sails into the hands of Byron Parker!

Exactly. Its the fans fault.

For sure.

You see in Western markets CFL football has truly permiated the mainstream, and as such there are plenty of yahoos (!) who aren't exactly huge football fans, but show up cause it's the thing to do. It's true there ppl do not as much about the game as the hardcores. You have to admit this is common in the NFL as well, where qb's are frequently waving their arms down to his home fans to stop cheering as they try to get the next play out. I would even go as far to say that those argo fans who were cheering inapropriately when their team had the ball is good for the franchise and the league as i've been to plenty of empty house argo games where the 'intelligent' football fans just hung with themselves.

I have to agree with Esquimaux here… I prefer to see a bunch of newbies who don’t know a touchdown from a homerun when I go to games… it shows that the brand is growing which is good for all of us… as for the INT… Ray should have tuned out the noise and played like the “best” QB in the CFL.

Who cares? As long as the fans are having fun (that is the point. :lol:

I wish Stamps fans would all clam up when we're on offense, and bring the roof ... er, lack thereof down when we're on defence, but it is better to get new fans in there, so as to grow the game, team, league, etc ...