Stupid cuts

The #Ticats have released NIP WR Jordan Brescacin, IMP DB Bo Smith and IMP DL Derrick Summers: #CFL

Obviously anyone who reads my posts knows I am not happy right now.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have released non-import receiver Jordan Brescacin, import defensive back Bo Smith and import defensive lineman Derrick Summers.

Brescacin was on the Ticats practice roster for eight weeks in 2012 before returning to Windsor for his final season of CIS eligibility. He re-signed with the Ticats on March 28.

Smith played in 56 games over five seasons after signing with Hamilton on January 29, 2008. Last season, he recorded 24 defensive tackles and one interception in eight games.

Summers suited up in two games with the Ticats last season.

“We’d like to thank each of these men for their efforts,? said General Manager and Head Coach Kent Austin.

Austin added, “Bo Smith was a respected member of this organization for five seasons. We thank him for his work on the field and in our community, and wish him success in the future.?

I am guessing you are then a Bo Smith fan ?
I think he has been up and down ..More down than up . He is a very positive upbeat guy and brought alot of experience too . Man on MAN he was only OK .

I guess this is liek OBIE better is better or are these recent moves salary dumps ? They might need soem coin for Chris Williams increase if he stays.

Yes I am and I'm not happy about it. I don't really agree with the down more than up. That is all I will say on the matter. I wish Bo all the best. He is a class act and losing him breaks my daughter's heart.

I will eat my keyboard if Williams signs an extension.

The release of Brescacin makes no sense, and the fact that we're keeping Giguere and Diston over him is frustrating.

I've been a fan of Bo Smith since 2009, and have come to his defense many times on this forum. However, I can somewhat understand his release due to his recent injury history and the acquisition of Evan McCollough.

Not a fan of Smith's play.

I have no problem with these cuts.

Not really surprised nor upset with these cuts either.

Brescacin is a victim of too many solid NI Receivers & guys with more upside potential. You can only keep so many at that roster spot. Yes, he looked good, but this is now the second management team who has deemed him not worthy of sticking with the club.

Fantuz, Giguere, Stala, Charbonneau-Campeau, Ditson, Le Marquand ... I don't know who you cut in favor of Jordan Brescacin? Upside is much greater with guys like Giguere, Charbonneau-Campeau, & Le Marquand. Fantuz & Stala are in a different class. Perhaps the only trade-off guy would've been Ditson in my mind.

As far as Bo Smith, I appreciate how hard he's worked to come back from injuries. Perhaps both those injuries and father time has caught up with him. I can't say I was ever a real solid supporter of his since I thought he was caught in the trail position far too many times and thought he was over-matched 1-on-1 far too often. Hope he catches on somewhere just out of respect for how hard he has worked. But I can't say I'm disappointed in his release.

Summers is a little bit of a surprise to me. I liked what I saw during his brief opportunities late last season. Once again I think he's the victim of too many bodies vying for only a few roster positions. Who do you release instead of him? Peach, Boudreaux, Davis, Moore, Lewis, McElveen, Marshall, Scott? And those are just the Import DLinemen. I'm guessing they've seen enough of him to know what they have and want a better look at newly signed prospects.

Bo Smith was cut loose by the Ti-Cats, I though he played pretty well over the five years he was with the team but maybe Austin and Orlando feel they have better DB's to fill the spot? I think he was an odd man out according to some with much competition at his spot?

Thanks Bo for contributing to the Tiger-Cats, fun watching you play and hope you catch on with another team.

Brescacin was never deemed not worthy of sticking with the club by the previous management.

I disagree with the move. I saw more from him in training camp and in practices throughout the season than I did from Campeau, Diston, and Giguere. He also has more of a CIS pedigree than all three of those guys, braking a bunch of OUA records in 2012, some of which belonged to Andy Fantuz.

I'll also point out that the TiCats just conducted FA Camps this past Friday & Saturday in Los Angeles & San Francisco. These camps have yielded solid prospects in the past for the club. Perhaps/hopefully they saw a DB & DL that made Smith & Summers expendable.

I totally agree.

Yes. He was not deemed worthy of sticking with the club by the previous management and now by this management. That's two management teams.

Also considering that none of the 8 teams in the CFL took a chance drafting him, that may say something as well. That's 48 times that teams have said "no". Giguere, Charbonnea-Campeau and Le Marquand all got drafted. Here's a excerpt from his draft profile;

"The 22-year old put both his brains and brawn on full display for CFL scouts and coaches alike during testing at E-Camp, running a solid 4.67 in the 40-yard dash, while leaping 34.5? in the vertical jump testing. However, Brescacin only managed to register six reps on the bench press, the second lowest total among all those who participated in the event."

I also think it's a little unfair to say he had more CIS pedigree than a guy like Giguere. They're very comparable except I believe Giguere tested far better in the underwear Olympics.

Look, don't get me wrong, I'm not looking to throw the young man under the bus, but I don't think making him out to be the next Fantuz is all that realistic. His CIS career reception record and single season reception record to me is more a product of being the only offensive weapon on a 15 & 25 team @ Windsor that made the playoffs only 2 times in his 5 year career.

I do hope he catches on somewhere. I just think the depth @ NI Receiver in Hamilton was too strong for him.

I'm not sure where you're getting this from. He was on the practice roster for the first half of the season, and then chose to go back to Windsor for the '12 season. Maybe technically he was released, but it was a mutual agreement.

Of course. And I wasn't implying that he would be the next Fantuz, but rather justifying just how good of a collegiate career he had. I like our NI depth at receiver as much as you do (I like the drafting of Le Marquand), I just had high hopes for Brescacin, and now find myself hoping he doesn't sign with Toronto.

Lets be totally honest here. Smith showed glimpses of greatness now and then but was never consistent. In the end I would say he messed up more than succeeded.

Good sometimes just isn't good enough to win for an import starter. I have more faith in Hinds or Bucknor on the corner or even at HB. Both seem to have a better grasp on both zone and man to man.

I will say that Bo had a lot of heart but his talent just isn't quite good enough to be consistent. All the best to him. My guess is that he signs with another CFL team by the end of the week.

I could care less about Bo Smith being cut, but Brescacin? We will regret that one day.

Looking at all off-season rosters of CFL teams and comparing positions, I was/am surprised that Hamilton has only 9 DBs on its current roster; I realize that there will be new signings announced but the number is presently low. Here are the DB numbers for other CFL teams:
Montreal 16
Saskatchewan 15
Winnipeg 15
Toronto 14
Edmonton 13
BC 12
Edmonton 12