STUPID COMMENTS by Squire Barnes last night

Squire Barnes made an ass out of himself last night on the 6 pm newscast. On discussing the QB controversy, he said that if Casey Printers ever leaves BC there would be nothing Lions to discuss, and that if no one cares who starts Saturday night, then Duncan O'Maney should be the QB.

Is Squire Barnes in some other universe? Duncan O'Maney starting as QB Saturday? What a stupid suggestion on the part of a supposed professional broadcaster.

Saturday's game will separate the boys from the men and the last thing this Lions organization needs right now is Squire Barnes making stupid comments ON AIR about the team.

I hope someone from the Lions organization reads this post and does something.

CTV wasn't much better. The Lions' segment lasted about 10 seconds.

  • The Lions practiced in the Dome, and
  • Roy Shivers said something.

That's it.

but the bastards spend 10 minutes talking about hockey...bunch of asswipes, IMNSHO



Only worse person is Dan Russel, Everything revolves around hockey...even in the middle of July!

Just consider the source....Maybe they can use Squire as a dummy..uh I mean tackling dummy.....


Agreed, he's already a he just needs to be used in a capacity that he is capable of filling...maybe The Bay could use him in their store to hang a dress on?


Squire is a jerk!!! Hockey.... I think too many people watch too many beer ads! I am sick and tired of sportscasters and people in Vancouver bad mouthing the Lions. Everyone jumps onboard when the winning is happening but quickly turn away when the going is not so great. I definitely will renew my seasons tickets next year again, and support our local team win or loose. People go on about the Argos.. well did they win 12 games this year. We all know it is getting to the playoffs that is important, as it is a new season, so no matter what you did for all the past weeks these are the games that count. I will be there to support them in the western final.