Stupid Coaching

  1. A gadget play when the game was in hand, resulting in a Toronto TD -- stupid
  2. No back up RB again. - stupid
  3. Owens one on one with a 6 point lead. Seriously? - Stupid
  4. A bad snap for the umpteenth time (not corrected) - Stupid

This is on the coaching.

And, oh ya. Refereeing so horrendous both ways that this product was almost rendered unwatchable. The CFL has to do something about this fast.

Agree totally on your first four points.

But the refereeing? Get serious; blame the players for committing so many unnecessary, undisciplined penalties, too many of which were majors and were retaliatory, negating a Toronto penalty. Put the blame where it belongs. . and it isn't with the officials.

Of course some of the penalties are warranted....but many aren't. I was even disgusted at some calls against the Argos. The referring is terrible, and the league better shape it up or they will be in trouble. That game was unwatchable with all the flags.

From my vantage point it looked as if Owens was way offside on his late touchdown.

Anyone else see it that way?

I thought so too, but I was so sick and tired of penalties for every little thing that I was actually glad they finally let one play go without a flag -- even if it was that play...

I don't know who I am more angry with ... Sinkfield or Filer

Not sure coaching is responsible for the bad snap. Pretty sure he was fine for the rest of the game. Lets be honest, it was 3rd and 15. Likely not getting it anyways.

I will however blame coaching for not dialing some sort of screen against the countless 4th quarter blitzes.

True, except that the bad snaps have become commonplace. Those things are corrected in practise. Apparently, they haven't been.

There is a total lack of respect/appreciation for the run game. Its always been the hole in Austin's game. He got burned earlier this season for only dressing one RB. He does it again :wink: Teams have two additional roster spots this season, Austin is the only HC not dressing two RB.

I am not disagreeing entirely with what people are writing about Austin and rushing offence. But remember last year the Cats led the East in rushing yards (still only 4th overall). I think it is more Austin the GM than Austin the HC, being unable to find another RB he felt he could trust (besides Madu) after Gable went down. (Some of that is also wanting to use his DIs for other positions, which is understandable given how well they have all played.) I hope D. Carter is the answer. But it may also be a problem that they run what is apparently a hard-to-learn offence: makes it difficult to bring in new players quickly.

Not sure who called that double reverse but it sure was a momentum changer. They had the game in hand until that point.

They called the double reverse because without Madu the offense was becoming one dimensional and the momentum was swinging anyway. They could have caught the ARgos off balance it was a good call if it wasn't for the bad pitch out,
Just a badly executed play.

it came down to execution (like it always does for all plays).....from The Scratching Post:

It was the catalyst for the comeback but Austin defended the aggressive play call.

"If we catch the pitch, he scores, if you watch the play," Austin said. "So I get it, but if he scored, you'd be saying what a great call that was."

we lost by 1 Sinkfield cost us 3 with his selfish taunt of the Argos bench be for he was in the endzone with his speed he should have been in, instead slowed down to get the taunt in VERY SELFISH

Let's also not forget of a hold which took a TD off the board.

It was a 20 point game at the time....what momentum was slipping away?

yes that was a bad play call in our zone those kinds of plays need to be called in opponents side of the field

I didnt like the play called at that time. But like Slim was saying no rb left them with just passing to eat the clock and we can all agree that isnt good.

I'll have to watch again but i think that play was going to be an option to pass from Sinkfeild. For some reason i think he was looking down feild as the exchange was happening.

8) They have had RB, Sam Ojuri on the practice roster for exactly 3 months now !!
   If a guy can't learn this complicated offence in that amount of time, then why are they keeping him around ??
    Ojuri  apparently has great speed, and is a good receiver out of the backfield.  Set all kinds of records at N. Dakota.

    Going into a game with only 1 real RB, considering that he has been injured lately, is only asking for trouble, but Austin
     doesn't seem to have learned his lesson yet.   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

[quote="TommyBoy1"]1. A gadget play when the game was in hand, resulting in a Toronto TD -- stupid
2. No back up RB again. - stupid
3. Owens one on one with a 6 point lead. Seriously? - Stupid
4. A bad snap for the umpteenth time (not corrected) - Stupid


I disagree entirely on your first point. I have always been an advocate or what you guys call "gadget plays" or "trick plays"
not that they should be used often, but are something the OC can keep in his back pocket and bring it out once in a while just to keep the opponent honest. That double reverse didn't work because of the timing, that's all! As Austin stated if it had worked Sinkfield would have run for a long gain. The mis-timing of that play is no different than throwing a pass behind the receiver or a bad hand-off where the qb and rb collide.
Personally, i like to see the Cats throw in a "gadget play" evey now and then just to keep things interesting. One of the worst things a team can become is predictable.