Stupid Call by the Coach

One minute left and 3rd. and 2 YOU DON'T KICK THE BALL AWAY......
Craig Dickenson STUPID STUPID CALL!!


On your own 32 in a tie ball game???


Absolutely you do!

110 times out of 100 you do!

Punt that thing!


yes i would have gambled. I would read it as 2 yards to win the game vs giving BLM the ball with a min to gain 40 yards and lose the game.
i would have gambled. no question. but tis a tough play call and by no means stupid to punt.

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I guess my only question would be why punt when your defense was getting run over for most of the second half?

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They were having some trouble with Carey sure, but they had also forced 2 turnovers and had held the Stamps to 2 FGs scoring in that 2nd half to that point.

Without question, you punt it away. Barring an ST mess up letting them return it very far, punt from the 30 goes roughly 40 yards lands at the Calgary 40, the average return is less than 10 yards, they are on their own side of midfield. They need proabably 2 first downs to make a FG of probable chance. That is far better odds to send your D out to stop that than to risk handing the game away at your 32 yard line.

Punt it EVERY time.

Second guessing this punt is a classic example of folks merely looking at the odds of making the 2 yards and completely ignoring the consequences of NOT making those 2 yards. Not making those 2 yards is an INSTANT LOSS! Just ask Jim Popp in the 2007 Eastern Semi - and he only had 2 feet to go not a full 2 yards.

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We have the benefit of hindsight for sure. Ultimately we met the same fate which was a loss

The punter seems to have trouble with directional punting to. Nice if he could nail it out of bounds between the 20 and goal line in that situation. He’s definitely got the power ? Something to work on for the playoffs , if we make it there.

You would be asking for a 60+ yard punt angled out of bounds. Yes the certainly would be nice ...

For the record... I would have told my offense to "PICK UP TWO YARDS OR DIE" rather than allow my defense to get run over yet again. :face_with_monocle:

I guarantee you that every HC in this league would have punted. Coach Craig is the biggest dice roller in the league when it comes to 3rd down gambles and even HE punted.

I promise you, I'm not 'most head coaches'. I'm also not a coach...
But no guts, no glory right?

I guess not, but that was a DUMB call by the Ravens. They were lucky as hell. Sometimes stupid still wins I guess. Even if it's only 2 inches to go, there's a one in ten chance that you fumble the snap, or someone gets dominated up front or some LB guesses a hole and stuffs you. If the consequences are LOSING THE GAME you punt. No question.

Given the choice of 4th and short to win or punting to Mahommes and... probably losing, I'd have gone for it too. In this case Baltimore's coach left the final decision to one of the greatest running QB's in the NFL.

Fajardo wasn't exactly 'lighting it up' so maybe Dickenson had more faith in his defense at that point in the game. Can't say for sure what was going through his mind. :thinking:

West is definitely getting crowded around 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Was not expecting that. Going to be a dogfight down to the end it seems

I'd love to play poker against you. Surely you;d win a hand or 2 with sheer luck (and claim brilliance) but over the course of the game I'd just take your free money over and over.

It's lucky for me that I don't play poker. My dad played poker. He was a terror between missions during WWII. :grin:

No, I don’t think so, if it was 1 yard maybe, but not 2, the way the online is playing. The coach made the correct decision, no doubt about it.

Not in my opinion, Nuff said.
On to the next game