Stumps host Eskimos

Well, with the first game pretty much over, it's time to get geared up for the marquee game! Calgary hosts Edmonton. The greatest rivalry in sports!

The TSN panel was saying the crowd will be around 41,000. Gonna be a lot of disappointed fans. :wink:

Go Eskimos Go!!! :smiley:

By disapointed I trust you mean happy? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tristan Jackson seems to always get these little owies that look like he's badly hurt, then he comes back! sheesh what a pre-madonna! he's a great talent but he seems to always get these hurts that never turn out to be anything.

Not a big fan of Calgary's black uni's, in fact I think the Red jersey's are nice, and the white away and black are among the ugliest in the league.

wow, Cuthbert must be on something!

he's got Burris on the Esks! :lol:


See, we overachieved by winning four of our last five. We're due for a losing streak. Can't say I didn't see this coming... :roll:

Pre-madonna? He was around before madonna was? He must older than most of us thought... :lol: :lol:

I think the term you are looking for is prima-donna

Sweet Jesus. You know, as good as Whitlock has locked recently, he still has issues holding onto the frickin ball. What is this, his fourth or fifth fumble this season? If Hall had any sense, he'd make Whitlock walk around with a football in his arm for an entire week until it becomes a part of him. :roll:

Ugly half for the Eskies. I know people’ll rag on Prefontaine but if the best you can muster in a half is two field goal attempts, there are more things wrong than 2 bad kicks.

We can't move the ball. We can't stop Calgary. Whitlock fumbled. Prefontaine's puniting sucks, and he missed two field goals, one of which should've been a gimme.

Richie Hall is going to have to sell his soul to the Devil if he wants to win this game. What's the win worth to you, Richie?

no it's the Stamps are playing a better game than the Esks.

I took off my Eskimos t-shirt and put a regular one on. Let's see if that makes a difference. ... Hey, after a half that bad, you have to give into silly superstitions. I'm just glad I didn't bother putting on the hat. The Eskimos would probably be down 30-2 right now.

Do you still wear your little tin foil hat made of Wendy's burger wrappers ?

Is Ackles a "little person" ? :?

Nope, just short. Good thing I have my GC tickets! Glad to see another generation of Ackles is doing a great job for the league. Bobby would be damn proud. :thup:

woohooo!! 1 handed CATCH! Copeland!! 24-2!

Your irrational dislike for Whitlock is extremely annoying. Please take the Eskimo helmet off your profile. :twisted:

I should have bought some...OH well there is always the Kick for a million contest LOL!

There's always scalpers. I'm sure they won't mark it up much more than Ticketmaster...

It's not irrational.9 yards on 6 carries in the biggest game of the year. We won't even mention the Montreal game...