Stuff a Globe poll.

Polls on websites are little more than popularity contests, so whether or not you think the 'Cats are likely to win the Grey Cup this year, it is always fun to demonstrate how popular the Tiger-Cats actually are:

Vote early and vote often.

See you all tomorrow at Ivor Wynne!

Cheers, Bob.

how do you vote?

If you use the link provided you will only get the results of the poll and if you try to get to vote from there you will only get a message that you have already voted.
Frustrating to say the least.
And we thought you were a computer, internet expert Caretaker. LOL

Better to go to the Globe & Mail website and go to sports and the poll will be there.

Under the ad on the right, "Globe Poll" next to the scoreboad.

Whoops. I had posted the link to the results page. The poll is on the front page of the sports section. The link now works.

thanks friends, got my vote in now! can tell it's a Toronto pole, Bob.
I'm a little surprised that it didn't have the Argo's winning the next 5 Cups, in a row. LOL....
I think our Cats..are going to kick some serious butt this season, and if our boy's can get into a play-off spot...anything could happen. :thup:


I wonder if this poll will get fixed too like the Toronto Star poll from a few months ago.

I am suprised they put us on the poll. the tsn poll yesterday with the best qb duo in the league the cats didnt even make the list for voting. Not sure if many would say we have the best qb duo but some may and it should have listed all teams.

wow...globe readers know thier stuff....and like me, they pick the double blue as champs

Fun Bump

hey bob, any chance you would consider swapping teams with Mr Braley?? :cowboy:

I wish I lived in Hamilton area so I could come and shake your hand sometime :thup:

Looking forward to an all cat grey cup asap. :rockin:

Now #2 to 'them'.


Even if I thought that was true....which I don't

I would never...EVER vote for the blue team

For me, a ti-cat fan to actually admit let alone go on record as saying the blue team is better than my just wrong on so many levels.

180 votes blue team...138 votes for far.

8) Well apparently you are only allowed to vote once !! I tried to vote today after voting yesterday and was told "You have already voted in this poll" !!

157 for us ... 201 for "them"

Oskee wee wee

cant wait to see what they make of these result. I bet they just ignore them

try going into the internet options under tools and clear your cookies and then open up another browser and you should be able to vote again.

After much soul searching :slight_smile: I voted with my heart...of course unlike some others my head was saying the same thing. :lol: