Study: Modified Grey Cup still packed economic punch

HAMILTON — The modified 108th Grey Cup Festival and the championship game still delivered a significant economic impact of almost $35 million, according to an independent study conducted by Sport Tourism Canada (STC).

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Grey Cup Trophy? It's either a cup or a trophy... not a cup trophy.

That sounds like a bra type for budding athletes. :grin:

The story doesn't identify it as the "Grey Cup Trophy". And there is nothing grammatically improper about calling it the "Grey Cup" trophy, which it did.

Anyone wanna talk about Miss Grey's Trophy Cups? :laughing:

Meh.. Unless it brought visitors from outside of the country, then it just recycled money that would have been spent on something else.
I guess if a Grey Cup patron cut their month long Mexican vacation down to 3 weeks, because they only had 6000 dollars for vacation time, but they spent 1500 at the Grey Cup, then that would be a net benifit to Canada.

if you are looking for a net benefit to Canada, I tend to agree with you.

but for the local economic region, it sure provides a nice economic boom.

While it's technically OK to call a cup a trophy, it's still a redundancy. Would the NBA championship be for the Larry O'Brien Trophy Trophy?

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That would be Trophy². :grin:

Grey Cup game - Grey Cup trophy - Grey Cup day < no redundancies

Don't forget Lipton's Grey Cup of Soup.

"It's good to the last whisle." :smiley: :+1:

I'm obviously being facetious...