Study Finds CFL Popularity No Shocker

Read about a University of Lethbridge research study on the web at Interesting study by these professors, not sure how much media attention this received last year when the results were made public but I thought it was worth mentioning at any rate.

What I find especially noteworthy from this summary is that few Canadians want the NFL to expand to Canada if it means the death of the CFL.

Thanks for this post. Very interesting. I requested a copy of the report for myself.

Nice to see that we are pretty united about keeping the NFL out of Canada. Not that I don’t like the NFL, but we have our own game, thank you very much.

And by the way, is there anything more selfish and near-sighted as a Torontonian complaining that they should have an NFL team?

No problem. For sure, I also like the NFL, both games are great for different reasons but if they asked me for a vote, and as much as I would want as much football in Canada at the highest level as possible, I would vote to not have the NFL in Canada if it mean’t the death of the CFL. Although, I don’t think that having an NFL team in Canada, it would be in Toronto, would mean the death of the CFL. But this isn’t going to happen for a very long time anyway. Rogers has signed on the Argos for a long time, which is an excellent sign and the commissioner of the NFL, Paul Tagliabue, recently mentioned that Toronto isn’t even on the radar of the NFL. What has also become apparent over the last few years which would scare any league coming to Canada is that, when it comes down to it, the only thing certain about selling sports teams tickets in Toronto is that besides the Leafs, nothing is a certainty. The Blue Jays win 2 World Series championships and they actually lost seasons tickets after that! Go figure. And the Raptors wax and wane with their fan base. This would scare even the NFL from coming here.

The CFL is Canada’s game. Oldest professional sports league in North America. Tradition matters and when it comes down to it our game is more exciting.

Why don’t more people see that?

Great article, but I have one question.

Why does everyone kid themselves into thinking the NFL would expand into Canada, especially Toronto?

The NFL already has 32 teams and have styopped expansion, even still they have dozens of US-based cities screaming for an NFL franchise to relocate to their city, they already get excellent TV ratings in Canada without any games played here, they probably suspect that the CFL is arguably a better pool for talent than the World League over in Europe, plus I’m sure they see 25 000 people in attendance in the dome for an Argos game and figure Toronto isn’t really a football town.

The NFL is set for life in their own country, and the CFL is truly a great Canadian-based professional sports league that it is continually getting better.

Very easy it is our stupid sports media that jam’s NFL down your throat. I am no fan of the NFL it is like backyard football on that small field and with the talented running backs they have if you run every play it is not hard to make a 1 st down in four plays. Give me the that large field and 3 down football more exciting that is it. The sports media should report on the NFL but briefly this would not bother me one bit.

NFLin Toronto = Not Friggin’ Likely

The Argos lost a couple of generations of fans during the 90’s and you can’t blame some people for turning to the Glitz and Glamour of the NFL and wanting a team for themselves. But the truth of the matter is there are 32 teams who already split league revenues evenly. NFL owners are going to be very cautious as to who they let in on the Cash Cow. The are cities in the US who don’t have teams like LA, Sacramento, San Antonio, or Orlando who would get priority for a team before Toronto.

If Toronto ever get a team, first it’ll be a cold day in hell, but secondly I hope Torontonians go and support this team because the $1 Billion expansion fee and the $750 Million for the new stadium, the $75 Million in annual player payroll, and everything else that costs money is a heafty price tag. Who in Toronto has $2 Billion + to put a team up here?? They won’t be getting any help from the feds to build the stadium which is another significant difference between Canada and the U.S: teams hold cities hostage to get public funding to build stadiums. If Dave Perkins is the great deffender of our tax dollars then I anticipate he would be up in arms like he was against the Argos. I think the number 1 reason Toronto won’t get a team is because 35% of Buffalo Bills season ticket holders are Canadian. The Bills won’t let it happen.

Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America so you can understand that it’s not so unreasonable to think that Toronto is capable of supporting an NFL team, but closer examination of the social and economic facts surrounding the NFL, CFL, Canada and the US looks like it would be near impossible to get a team.

If you like football, the truth is, in comparison to the NFL I see it as 1a and 1b football. Both excellent games, excellent players and atheletes (How many Heisman Trophy winners and great collegiate players are there in the CFL?). The Argos will be beating teams up all accross the country this year so the more people want to come down to the Rog, the merrier! It’s gonna be a great season!

I agree with you on this. To the fan support over the years shows the NFL that they could not support the NFL. Sure it is getting better but you need lots of fans to support an NFL franchise. And please do not tell me the NFL is a better product! At least not in Canada.

I’m with EskJebus… no way the NFL would ever expand into Canada. Every year during the Super Bowl state of the league address, the question of Toronto getting a team gets brought up by some idiot T.O. reporter and every year it’s paid lip service too by a “well maybe sometime soon…” answer. The Bills wouldn’t go for a Toronto franchice… The Seahawks wouldn’t appriciate a Vancouver team… It’s just not gonna happen.

Besides, the NFL knows that they can gain alot more by supporting the CFL and seeing it thrive than they can gain by going in and dealing a severe blow by crushing an already fragile team in the biggest market in Canada.

Shall the NFL ever expand outside of USA, it’ll do it in Mexico where a huge interest is garanteed.

It is hard for a rider fan to agree with redwhite2005, but I do on this one, especially about the media. The NFL does have some terrific athletes, and a do enjoy some of the games, but they fall far short of cfl games the majority of the time. Most of the time nfl games seem medchanical and dull.

It is hard for a rider fan to agree with redwhite2005, but I do on this one, especially about the media. The NFL does have some terrific athletes, and a do enjoy some of the games, but they fall far short of cfl games the majority of the time. Most of the time nfl games seem medchanical and dull.

Long before the NFL decides to stretch it’s borders south (as in T&T’s observant opinion) or north there are plenty of US venues capable and more-than willing to support an NFL team as noted by Eskjebus. Take a look at the latest US census figures for US cities larger than half a mil:

1 New York city: 8,085,742
2 Los Angeles city: 3,819,951
3 Chicago city: 2,869,121
4 Houston city: 2,009,690
5 Philadelphia city: 1,479,339
6 Phoenix city: 1,388,416
7 San Diego city: 1,266,753
8 San Antonio city: 1,214,725
9 Dallas city: 1,208,318
10 Detroit city: 911,402

11 San Jose city: 898,349
12 Indianapolis city (balance): 783,438
13 Jacksonville city: 773,781
14 San Francisco city: 751,682
15 Columbus city: 728,432
16 Austin city: 672,011
17 Memphis city: 645,978
18 Baltimore city: 628,670
19 Milwaukee city: 586,941
20 Fort Worth city: 585,122
21 Charlotte city: 584,658
22 El Paso city: 584,113
23 Boston city: 581,616
24 Seattle city: 569,101
25 Washington city: 563,384
26 Denver city: 557,478
27 Nashville-Davidson (balance): 544,765
28 Portland city: 538,544
29 Oklahoma City city: 523,303
30 Las Vegas city: 517,017
31 Tucson city: 507,658

You think Toronto or Mexico City are gonna get a team before the likes of say L.A., Las Vegas or even Portland? Well, maybe not Portland, Paul Allen already owns the Seahawks and Gates is too sports nerdy to ever buy a team…

I agree. I’ve seen great NFL games and lousy CFL games, and vise-versa, but CFL games are more fun to watch most of the time.

I think the difference is that CFL coaches try to win games by being unpredictable and taking risks, whereas most NFL coaches call the safe plays to keep their jobs.

The NFL has 32 healthy franchises and absolutely no interest in expanding outside the USA.

I think if any American football league is going to try and expand here, it’ll be the arena league!

Sorry about the double post. It seems if I hit the back button after a post that post gets repeated. I’ll try to resist hitting the back button in future.

Thank You! I have been to many NFL games and believe me you do not get the excitment of CFL football (like the last minute of a game). The field is to small, the game seems slow and the field is crowded. Give me CFL any day.

The ARGOS deal at the ROGERS CENTRE killed any hope of the NFL coming to TORONTO…yet the TORONTO media refuses to write articles on that point and some people actually believe what… STEVE SIMMONS writes and what… THE FAN , says…loll…people have to let The STAR , the SUN , and… THE FAN… know about this by writting them letters.

The NFL doesn’t have NFL ex. games here any more as they do in TOKYO , and MEXICO every year…WHY IS THAT?..the last EX. GAMES here were big money losers with lowered ticket prices [ya! who pays only 50$ a ticket and 30$ Canadian for a , NFL game?]

For the last 2 games , BILLS fans were offered tickets the game because the first one [NEW ENGLAND and CLEVELAND] …was a disaster.

No one cared about NEW ENGLAND and Cleveland at that time, but BUFFALO was winning and had some fans here.

MARTY YORK , had a HEAD LINE in the GLOBE and MAIL, the DAY BEFORE tickets went on sale to the public… " NFL GAME A SELL OUT "

How is that possible.?

I don’t think so…loll…

GLOBAL T.V. …lied to it’s viewers on their SPORTS show saying that the first game [NEW ENGLAND and CLEVELAND] wasn’t sanctioned by the NFL…WHAT?

I remember seeing JIM BROWN and PAUL T. , trying to sell the sinking ship , on all the TORONTO SPORTS , programs.

MOSTLY… the NFL looks at the T.V. ratings of the CFL and other sports teams in that area where a new team would go?

THE CFL’S T.V. ratings during the regular season are 3 times higher than any NFL game…or RAPTORS game…even higher than , BLUE JAY games , NOW.

Look at the JAYS bad attendence and with the ARGO situation vastley improving , a RECORD for attendence in HAMILTON ,what is the point? :smiley:

We can also add the VAN. GRIZZLES, MONTREAL EXPOS…ect…to that list.

Finally , why would we have CONTRACTS with the NFL if they wanted to put a team here. Why would they come when the Toronto media can’t even support their own football…they don’t respect that and think we are alittle nuts to hate our own culture so much.

REEBOK… has the same deal for CFL uniforms as they do , with the NFL and NBA.

But you will rarely see these fact at THE FAN or in the Toronto media.
Ottawa is pretty bad as well.

I would vote no as well to expanding the NFL into Canada. I am an avid fan of the NFL, but it is a much different game. My own opinion is this. The athletes in the NFL are just a little bit bigger, stronger and faster and for the most part a little more talented. That said, the differences in the two games don’t always require those athletes. For example, an outside linebacker in the CFL might weigh around, let’s say 205 lbs. He could not play this position at that weight in the NFL as he would get creamed. His NFL counterpart would weigh in at around 235, but because of the size of the field that he has to cover would find it much more difficult unless he was extremely fast and fit.