Studs of the game...

Adrian Tracey... posters calling for some big plays from this guy and wow... did he deliver tonight.

Brett Maher... 5/5 with a long 56 yard bomb at the end of the first half to give us the lead. Making Justin's departure easier to to take. Clearly a better punter too.

Spee - Dee - B... game changer. I was surprised to see him riding the pine after his first lack luster return. C.J. was handling the next bunch. Wasn't in on the offence tonight. Still swung the game for us.

John Chick and Drake Nevis get an honourable mention too... lots of pressure from these big men. The defense held us in until we could move the ball.

Let's keep this momentum into Edmonton. More road wins!

I am so proud of the way our Defense is playing. Big Ups to the front line. My Man Drake Nevis is a monster. His play has been consistent each game. If the d-line continues to play at this level, it could mean great things when our offense gets completely healthy!!!

Tracy had more than twice the number of tackles by any other player, either team, plus 2 QB sacks. Quite a night.
if you hadn't seen it, would you believe it? -- Tasker, Fantuz and Banks, all together, catch 4 passes total, and the Cats win by 24, on the road.

Tracy questioned by some for being a no show at the previous game, played lights out in this game and was one of the stars of the game. :thup: Maher sure doesn’t look like a stud but played like one, congratulations to him. :thup:

Q. What do opposing OL yell at their QB's when seeing Drake Nevis coming?

A. DUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Loved the way he chased Cato right across the field more than once. Didn't catch up with him, but didn't lose ground either. And this is one of the better running QBs. Pretty surprising speed from the big guy.

Tracy with his best results as a TiCat, impressive

I noticed that Gable returned the opening kick off so maybe they are going to use him for kick offs and Banks more for punt returns and missed FGs. They also had Chad back there a time or two with Speedy and I’m sure he had at least one return.

8) Now you know why the Cats let DT Brian Hall walk away as a free agent.......Drake Nevis !! :D

I found this quite interesting and doubt anyone, here, can read through this list and not be surprised at least a time or two:

Trusting most of it is true, I note one inaccuracy in the reference to Nevis recording his first CFL sack.

8) You're right, if if Nevis got his first CFL sack in the Montreal game, where did he get the other two sacks this season,
   as the article states ???   This writer didn't even proof read his own article    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

It's about time. I was expecting more from him this season and he finally broke out against the Alouettes in a big way. Great game Adrian!!!!

Arent Gable and Banks both usually back there on all kickoffs?? other team just picks a side to kick to.