Student trumps teacher...

If it’s true that Printers was on his way to Montreal before he got a better deal from the Ticats, then kudos to Desjardins for trumping Popp…

How sweet it is for the student to beat the teacher

I kind of picture DesJardins hiding behind a garbage can in the arrivals area at PET, an airport he would pretty familiar with, waiting for Printers to hop off the plane so he could tackle Casey and throw a bag of money at his agent before the limo driver with the Printers sign found his man.

But it sounds like he never got that far.

Actually, I was about to volunteer, having just enough taxi fare and tripwire for such a task. LOL

Marcel would handle the dealing, I would be the Glaswegian-derived pylon to cause the diversion. :smiley:

In my best George Peppard, I love a plan when it comes together!

Oski Weespionage,

the cats should treat casey to a free round of drinks, a nice hotel in niagra falls and a free limo ride to practice and games.

All count against the SMS. LOL :wink:

Well, maybe the drinks can be “re-ascribed” to another patron!