Student ticket pricing?

"There has been buzz on social media recently about possibility of #CFL lowering ticket prices for younger fans — specifically children and teenagers — in an attempt to attract a generation of people that is grossly under-represented among the CFL faithful. - @jeffkhamilton"

No idea where this is coming from, but personally I think this is a great idea. Maybe get discounted box office tickets with student ID? Discount/giveaway a partial section each game to an elementary school?

There was student pricing before but the Tiger Cats eliminated that option.

I wish, my kid has cost me $55 a game or whatever it is for her 8 years! As usual probably won’t affect season ticket holders - can’t see them giving us money back. I agree especially if you could get HS students out, it’s a good idea.

I at one time children’s ST were sold at 1/2 price. We took our two girls to every game for several years and it was as cheap as a baby sitter. But during those days there were way fewer ST holders and fewer people attending games. Just like an empty hotel’s better to lower the price than have no revenue at all.

I don’t think Hamilton is desperate to give away 1/2 price ST.

And although one of my kids follows the Cats, neither can afford to purchase ST now.

I recall when I was a kid the Hamilton Police Minor Hockey Association had a ticket deal with the Tiger Cats. The seats where in the old wooden west endzone. I recall going to many games with all my buddies. The tickets were fairly cheap and affordable.

I became a fan back in the 60's when I could get a $2 ticket for the old end zone bleachers at my local Dominion store. Started going with friends when we turned 12. THIS is what started my lifelong love for the team.

Would parents let their 12 year-olds go today by themselves?

Back in my day nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. "20 bees for a dollar" we used to say.

There is plenty of room in the south end to put up some type of affordable seating option, keep the patio open, block some of the wind and hold in some crowd noise. A modern version of the old wooden W end zone

Good points formerlyTurkish.

P.S. The City will have to put up temporary seats there when we host our first Grey Cup game.
Why not put permanent seats in the south end of the stadium with discounted seats for youth now? That would surely bring the Cats more revenue than the bar that is there now does.

There are enough empty seats as is. I don't think we need more.

There are a great number of people watching the game on the east side mezzanine and likely the west side mezzanine, too, and from other places around the stadium. Unless they snuck in they must have paid for some of those empty seats to get in

Anyone can dismiss the Ticat claims that the games are regularly sold out but that's what they report

I’m a west side mezzaniner, and yes, it’s well used every game.

I don't doubt that most/all of the tickets are sold. I just think it'd be a terrible atmosphere to have even more seats that go sold and aren't sat in. Start selling standing room only tickets before you go building more.

The empty south end of the stadium already provides an unappealing game atmosphere. Standing room only tickets are inappropriate for children.

Encourage people who purchase seats now and stand on the concourse to buy standing room tickets. Sell discounted children's seats in the actual stands.

I like the layout in the south endzone now, and I feel like adding more seats would be totally unnecessary, and ruin the good thing they've got going.

Yes perhaps a couple of hundred people stand on the mezzanines. I actually on a lark counted people on the East Mezzanine half way through a 3rd quarter once last season - when I had to run down to the can - and I counted 87 people. Now I'm sure I missed a few but there is no way the numbers there account for the thousands of empty seats at Cats games last season - all season long.

If those tickets were all sold - they had a HUGE no show rate in the 20% range for many if not most of their games last season.

Exactly, I have been saying this for 2 years and have been scoffed at over again here. No-shows are getting worse and worse, apathy has settled in for the casual fan. An indication is all the incentives to renew season tickets this off season which have not been available in the past bunch of years. If they want fans in the seats start winning football games and stop with the BS gimmicks! There was student pricing and it made fans that come back for years. I used to take my kids but the constant losing over the past 18 years has lost them as fans. They are also losing future generations of fans by squeezing them and their parents.

As the old joke has it, too many of our fans come dressed as empty seats. As to the concourses, it looks to us as if a lot of people congregate in the South end patio, at least more so than on the second level on the East side.

But I have to agree, when you look around the stadium, there would have to be hundreds, if not in the thousand and more people in the concourses to account for the empty seats. At one game last year, there were only a half dozen in our entire row.

I guess the team is happy as long as they are paid tickets, but it sure dampens the crowd participation and kind of makes our shots at the Grey Cup champs attendance numbers hypocritical.