Stubler's D keeps Riders out of BC endzone

Another tremendous night for Rich Stubler’s BC defence, surrendering only one field goal and forcing four turnovers. Can’t say enough about the defence, who have kept opponents out of their end zone for over 12 quarters. Great efforts from all the defenders. Nice to know that when the offense is having difficulties the D can rise up and get it done. Collectively the Lions have given up just 22 points in three games: not much to complain about there.

And a strong effort from BC’s improved special teams. It began on the first play when Jason Arakgi batted a short kickoff out of bounds. Tim Brown’s big return and solid kicking by Paul McCallum helped the team improve field position for most of the second half. Though they played well and only took one no yards penalty the teams can still improve particulary on their punt returns.

Despite sputtering at times due to good pressure by the Riders’ front seven and good coverage by the secondary the offense put three majors across the goal line, two on the ground by Travis Lulay and Earnest Jackson. Nice run and catch by Arland Bruce for the Lions only passing TD. Earnest Jackson continued to provide good hands and big play capability in his second start. A couple of change at offensive line caused some protection breakdowns and made it tough for Harris to spring any big runs. The hoggies should be better this Friday in Winnipeg.

Not much time to enjoy this one.The Lions will only have one practice before Friday’s tilt against the Bombers in Canad Inns Stadium. We’ll see what Joey Elliot, who threw for over 400 yards against the leaky Hamilton defence last Thursday, can do against our defence. Joey Elliot isn’t very mobile but he’s a big guy with a strong, accurate arm and is hard to tackle. That’ll be a tough test for the boys in orange and white. Go Leos.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Great write up Dooger. :thup: I must admit that when the Lions “almost” ended the first half without any points on the board I was getting concerned. Lulay was not getting the pass protection for a time and that needs to be dealt with. At times he seemed to be unsure of himself.

The more I see Arland Bruce catch the ball and do the blocking he does to help the ball carrier the more I love this guy. Brown’s run back after the missed field goal was a sight for sore eyes. Once this guy gets going it is like watching a runaway locomotive.

Not a single touchdown in 12 quarters of play? Absolutely awesome! It’s great to be in sole possession of top spot in the West… at least for the time being! :rockin:

I liked what Lulay said after the game, about the Defense only giving up a field goal when the Offense is spluttering. The quote went something like " Its easier to come back from only a 3 point Field Goal instead of 14 to 17 points. You can stick with your game plan with out panicking".

Yes, it was a classy thing to say but Travis has to realize that the offence is giving some of us more “seasoned” fans stress fits [not good for the heart] when the offence is shut out for almost an entire half game. They pulled it off…this time. Had the Lions D not been on its game, guys like Sheets, Dressler, and Getzlaf have been known to destroy the opposition. The Lions have some incredible weapons at their disposal on offence. The receiving corp alone could annihilate any of the other 7 CFL teams. The running game is solidifying but as good as the Lions offence is on paper the team is not putting up the points or at the very least is not getting them up on the board as quickly as they need to. The score was actually 3-0 for almost 30 minutes. It could have been 6-0 had DeAngelis not missed that 48 yard field.