Stubler's comments about hard to run the ball in the CFL

I'm not sure I understand this comment exactly by Rich:

"It's hard to run the ball with the field being so wide."

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I never thought of the field width having anything to do with it being difficult to run the ball, I would have thought it the opposite?

That was actually a pretty decent article. I'm going to e-mail it to my brother. He said he might try to watch it next season. Maybe this will help persuade him.

Edit: I noticed an error in the article. Did he say the NFL field is 50 yards wide? In the article it says, "531Ú2."

It doesnt make a lot of sense to me either. Perhaps
its because the O lineman have to travel further to make a block in certain situations.

(ie. pulling a guard or tackle)

A decent article but not too logical

IMO its very difficult to run the ball in the CFL if you don't have guys named Joe Smith or Charles Roberts and decent blocking.

Thank you for posting this .
great Read

i don;t know if i agree, i know its hard to pull an oline man to break to the outside, but running in the cfl isn;t hard compared the the nfl we just get less chance to do it.

Maybe less chance since with 3 downs and always the pressure to sustain a drive, there is a feeling you have to pass more with one less down. I don't know. The run is still used effectively no matter how many downs. I don't think the Patriots use the run that much, just enough to make the defences honest like you see in the CFL but the Patriots are all about the pass from what I can see.

Stubler may be eluding to the fact that it is hard to "decide" to run the ball, with only 2 downs to work with, and when you can fairly easily pass the ball as there are usually 2 or 3 open receivers on every play, due to the width of the field.

I read it as meaning "less opportunity" to run the ball.

If you never run the ball you won't have much success at passing.

I heard coach Stubler with Bob and cohost Stephen Brunt last week on Toronto an 590 and Sportsnet.
As well as the usual nice things to say about the club, his excellent relationship with Pinball and the players, I was surprised to hear from an this American saying how "anal" and basically bland and boring the NFL is. The typical 7-6 scores with the odd exciting game and only a few non predictible teams.
He also mentioned that coaching college football was not for him as it involved "babysitting".
The only reason he came out of self imposed retirement was when Pinball called him in Florida I believe. And yes he had other opportunities over the last few years to interview for HC positions but was loyal to the Pinball, who first mentioned the HC possibility to him two years ago.

Didn't realize that, good info there argotom. Other good points here guys.

The Lions and Seahawks are just as bad when it comes to the run.