With the Blue team's head office now in a tailspin, it is an excellent time for the TiCats to go after Rich Stubler as defensive coordinator. Thet have lost their head coach and Chief operating officer over the last few days.

There could be other candidates available... Richie Hall could want out of Sask, if he doesnt get the head gig in Toronto he did work with Marcel in Sask.

Lots of options, im sure they'll wait till after the Grey Cup to look at who is available.

Rich Stubler was fired by the Argos.

It does not matter what happens to the Blue team up the highway, Stubler will not be a part of their team next year.

Some people said the same thing about Sudsy in 1997, blackngold.

Stubler is still being blamed by the owners so I can't see him returning there, as it turned out he did a great job with what he had to work with.

They have by far the worst owners in the league who know nothing about the football side of things - yet they constantly make bonehead football decisions and are systimatically destroying their team.. any coach with a brain in his head should avoid the blue team like the plague, the only coach dumb enough to go there would be Creehan.

Hall won't be coming here as DC, even if he wanted to Sask will not let him.

Bob Young took over the 'Cats roughly the same time the Argo owners came into the league. If you compare the won/lost records for both teams over that period of time, that may conflict with your opinion of who the worst owners in the league...

Stubler is not coming here. Not because he can't; but because he won't.
Anyone who has tasted a Head coaching job will not want to go back to a coordinator role.
Next - Richie Hall may be a candidate, but I wonder why the Cats did not pick him up the 1st time, when he was still looking. Seems that if he does come, it will be for big $$$s.

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Actually, the league is and has been full of coordinators that were head coaches at one time...Burrato in Toronto right now, as well as our hometown fave, Sudsy...he came back as DC after being head man, so it's not all that rare. Being a coordinator is basically being assistant head coach.

Owners should not be judged by win/loss records. Do you want to argue that the Blew team and the Ti-Cats were at the same level on the feild when the owners took over?

We may not think much of his defensive strategies but to call him dumb is harsh and rather inappropriate.

Either way, Creehan should be fired ASAP. He's not the solution at defensive coordinator.

I recall the "Blue" team & the "Cats were struggling on the field before the new owners came along..I don't agree that just because the Argos have 1 lousy season & all of a sudden their owners are by far the worst in the league?

Their owners also won the GC the first year they had them.

You know, sometimes you do need, regardless, enough horses to win, just having decent or excellent owners isn't enough, helps but not enough.

I'm not sure what the debate is about. If you have the chance to get the best defensive mind in the last 10 years in the CFL, you get him!!! The man lives is Mississauga, he likes S. Ontario, he loves the CFL.... If Obie didn't speak to him the day after he was fired by the Argos to ascertain his interest in the Cats for 2009, he's not doing his job.

Let's put it this way, how many would not have wanted Stubler as DC in Hamilton at the start of 2008? He'd probably welcome the opportunity to stay in this community in any capacity for 2009.

Sheesh, it's not like Creehan has built himself an air-tight, rock solid D in his time here.

An Argo-Cat fan

If my memory serves me correctly, Stubler was in Hamilton before as a coordinator of some sort. I believe
he has a lot defensive savy that could only improve our D. Having said that, not usre if he would want to return considering the comments he made about the Hamilton fans after Labour day. Something about some obnoxious Argoof - number 5 who dawned a spiderman mask after a touchdown. Apparently,Stubler was miffed why someone threw a beer a the player… Pompous self important moron.

Good thing that jerk wasn’t wearing that mask in the stands. Nonetheless, Stubler will be working elsewear
next year.

I think that Hall is happy in a good situation in Saskatchewan. I don't think he would leave unless it was for a head coaching gig.

And on top of that, he couldn't make just a lateral move (defensive coordinator in Sask to defensive coordinator in Hamilton) unless Tillman was willing to let him out of his contract, which he'd be nuts to do.

Stubler started his career with Frank Kush in Hamilton in 1981

Creehan should have been fired when Charlie got fired...he should be gone now - if Stublers ego wont let him fall back to a coordinator job, where else is he going to go? He can stay in Southern Ontario and come into a D crew that showed good things off and on all year.

Creehan was actually being considered as head coach instead of Marcel when Charlie was let go.
I agree that he should have been released at that time, but this is the CFL.
They already had Marcel doing 1.5 jobs and they could not afford to lose another body from the coaching staff.