Why is it wrong to ask that we upgrade when someone becomes available? We went after Casey when Maas was struggling.... Toronto went after Kerry, and now the Don and they have 2 more wins than we do.

Why should we sit back? Rich Stubler is a proven Defensive mastermind and he is the obvious choice to upgrade our Defense. Our D has not played well this year and even though they made a couple big plays tonight they let us down AGAIN when they were needed.

I don't know why you're directing that at me Crash,
I merely stated that the micro-managers of will second guess Obie's every move regardless of what it is, I for one would LOVE to see |"Stubler here

Hey, I'm not down on Casey...I'm pissed that Charlie stuck around when he didn't have his heart in it...AND, I'm the first to agree that we need improvement on the "D" side.

The Ticats played a spirited game...I see improvement and I think we should be giving O'bie and the team some credit for their efforts.

Now we should also let O'Bie do his job...he has far more expertise than any of us arm-chair GMs.


Woody's point was to stand pat and let Obie do his job... so I figured you were not up for the change. My bad.

NO...not totally...I qualified it with let "O'Bie do his job"...AND...I doubt he would want to come here when he would be giving up HC pay for sitting around for the rest of the year!

If O'Bie thinks he should be here...fine if he can get him and it's an improvement...but I'd be just as happy if we play out the year and make any more coaching changes at the end of the year when there is more choice!

Name one better Defensive Coordinator to bring in of any in the league other than Stubler...

There isnt one.

So why wait and see if another team wants to sign him?

What part of "I doubt he would give up HC pay to take a job as DC", don't you understand?

Besides...right there isn't anyone better available, however I'm sure O'Bie know's what he is doing!

I'm not about to tell him who, what, where, when and why.

Pay the difference. We saved enough on Moreno and Armour.

If he wants a in which he has to actually work...he'll take DC money instead of his HC money.

Unlike some people in society, most active coaches would actually rather "coach" than stay home and watch soap operas and eat Pringles.

and take away our INT return for a TD and mathematically WE LOSE :smiley:

Stubler over the current D.C. At the end of the season, ?? Arent Stublers D,s soft on the run????

Hate to burst the bubble here guys but nothing we say on this list has any impact on the decisions made by Obie. it's just a way for some of us to blow off steam and others to give their opinions on what should be done....
But it's nice to think we make a difference :lol: