Even a moron knows this is the right move. The defense made some big plays but for the most part could not produce when it counted. Second and long and we leave the middle of the field wide open! High school football coaches could come up with better long yardage schemes than Creehan. Hats off to Bellefuille he seems to know what he is doing. Fix our defense and we have a team.

This move needs to happen this week.

This is the 4th game lost because the D could not stop the other team when it had to.... (Sask, Tor, Edm x 2).

Say what you want but the O scored over 30 points AGAIN and lost. This is completely unacceptable and Creehan needs to go NOW.

Look, Stubler is being paid HC money by the Blue Team right now. I don't know how fast his agent would be calling the Cats to step in at the moment.

It would be nice, but changing coordinators in mid-season by bringing a guy from the outside isn't the usual m.o.

Methinks Stubler would be the number 1 choice to be the new DC in a new Ticat regime. He will want to get payback against T.O. in good time. :wink:

We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,

Creehan has seven games to go or less. That is crystal clear. Abysmal.

Oski Wee Wee,

End of the year is too late IMO. The season is basically over and Creehan can go now... money should not be the issue as im betting they didnt pay him huge money to take over in TO.

Pay him a bonus to come here based on resume and get him in here tomorrow.

Blah Blah Blah , just offer him the %#@$$ job and if he says no go to the local high school and find a gym teacher who could do a better job. Once again no urgency with this team, I’m sure Obie will do nothing and preach some crap about waiting till next year and then 2 weeks from know he will make the move.

If we do hire Stubler as DC, which I think would be a wise move, then the Moreno trade makes even less sense. I would have fired Creehan, which was inevitable, before letting Moreno go.

Calgary fired him midseason last year..
he'll be used to it! :lol:

Yes, he's getting PAID as a head coach...but wouldn't he rather work??

As an addition to my above post, I should add that I am not a big fan of mid-season coaching changes.

BUT...if the HC can...certainly the DC can as well.

I'm sure Obie will do nothing and preach some crap about waiting till next year and then 2 weeks from know he will make the move.
8) Yep, you're right !! No credibility from management at all, just flip floppers !!
Just ask Charlie about them  !!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I have an idea. Don’t offer stubler the job and let someone else pick him up. It’s the ticat way.

I agree, cant let him get away.

Even if we have a new HC next year i think they’d be nuts to fire Stubler with his track record.


Why don't we just let O'Bie do his job and see where it gets us?

The last time we pushed for somebody it got us Charlie. :roll:

I'm sure they will look at the tapes and see where they made their mistakes.

I'm also sure that the OC will have a little "chit chat" with the DC and point out the obvious (don't tell me that D'Mac wouldn't be allowed to inject his observations from up above)

We lost this game because of some poor decisions and passes by our QB to Jason Goss. PERIOD!

OK...maybe Casey was trying too hard...but take away one interception TD return and mathematically WE WIN.

I doubt Stubler, even if he is the answer, would jump over to the Ticats when he has a year and a half of pay at HC wages looking him in the eye! I doubt he would come and work for a rookie HC who just recently was promoted from OC one game away himself.

I'm pleased with the effort tonight...displeased with some of the officiating and real disappointed with the outcome of the game.

Having said that...I'm looking forward to a win against the Bombers and the Argos to continue to self-destruct.

If the "D" tightens up and the "O" continues to improve...we could still make it to the playoffs and then anything can happen.

I'm not giving up on the Ticats. :wink: :thup:


Woody I thought you had more common sense than that, I can play that game too, make ONE friggen PASS INTERFERENCE call and MATHEMATICALLY we win

33 points, Minus the Tisdale interception TD(26 points), minus the drive the started at the Esk 6 that was a FG(23 points)...big deal, our CFL offense scored a whopping 23 points. Lets send that coach to the Hall of Fame!

I maintain my point. Even if the score was 10-9 we gave up points in the final minute when we had a chance to win the game.

And as i said, IIRC thats the 4th time thats happened this year.

This D cannot stop anyone when it has to.

Perhaps you would like to re-read my wasn't focusing on one particular play...and I did mention the "officiating".

My point in posting was that at this point in time we should perhaps let O'bie do his job...most in here were all gung-ho for O'bie so let's give him the rest of the year without us continually pushing one way or the other. He can see what needs to be done!

What a novel idea.... notlikely to happen but novel none the less

Charlie Taafe came in here with a proven record of winning everywhere he went. He was handcuffed by a moron GM last year and some bad luck/injuries/questionable front office decisions this year. Blame Charlie all you want but he didnt get courted by division 1 schools for nothing.

As for tonight, Casey’s mistakes cost us 14… but him putting us in a position to win the game trumps that, we had the lead when the D stepped on the field with less than 2 minutes left, and they scored with 55 seconds left… they also gave up a 2nd and 20.

THAT cost us the game.

And not just tonight, like i said… if the D stops teams with less than 3 minutes left we would have 6 wins right now.

Please debate that fact… but ask Saskatchewan because they’ve won all/most of their close games.

But as I said in another thread, blaming the QB is the Hamilton way… Im sure Richie would have won the game easily.