Stubler...The Motivator

...Did anyone catch the tirade by Ritch Stubler...defensive coach of the Argos.....Whoah...I had to scare away the grandkids from the front of the tube... :oops: after that one....ouch....Can't say he didn't get results...but his choice of motivating language was meant for the Argo bench....not the viewers....BUT...YOU CAN'T ARGUE WITH THE RESULTS... :wink:

Stubler for Riders Coach!!..Danny’s a nice guy and treats his guys real nice…We all know where nice guys finnish.

Yeah... not that I was offended that the CBC let that go but, pretty bush on the CBC's part not to catch that.

Here we go with the bush again!

CBC has no problem with airing that.

Hell, they used to air Kenny vs. Spenny at 5:30pm.

I never said nor will I ever say the CFL is bush... the CBC's coverage of it is bush...

Hands off!! He's comin' home to Hamilton (I hope).

What I am getting at is the word "BUSH"

Everytime someone doesent like something......its bush!
Furthermore....its not like there is a delay and the CBC can cut it out.

And being that Pinball is such a great guy, I was in total shock to hear such language from the bench. :lol: :lol: :lol: I would have never guessed in a millian years that the players use that language. :lol: :lol: :lol: I'll bet CBC was in much as shock as I was! :roll:

I would have thought CBC would have learned from their mistake putting a mike in the 1980's in the penalty box where Bobby Clarke questioned Referee Bruce Hoods Sexuality. :roll:

...yeah i remember that sport,,,,there was also a few other choice phrases by Bobby....Everyone knows any sport...(cept maybe lawn bowling)...that a few expletives are thrown out every once in awhile :lol: ears don't burn ..cuz i grew up with's just that you'd hope young ones wouldn't be exposed ...and therefore you being asked....Why was he saying that 'f' word papa?....and then you having to explain....that he's just trying to motivate his players... :lol: :lol: it's a rough game....and sometimes has the language to match...... :lol: