according to sources from fan 590 stubler will be fired and matthews set to replace him.
do we go after stubs for our dc if this turns out true?

Yes and if the Don was available and we didnt go after him I would be very disappointed.

the mess going on here i wonder if that and the fact he's connected to pinball and the clan there was the reason.
bring back stuler!

Winnipeg and Hamilton might as well pack up the kids and the dog now...

Yea but could the Cats get Stubler. It would be nice to get rid of Creehan. With stubler running the Defence and Danny Mac guiding the offence, I think I might even be excited about the rest of this year and next year.

Are you kidding? It takes years to learn and excel in a Stubler match defense. You think he'd be able to just waltz in and get instant results when the Cats don't have a D-line and have just traded away their best defensive player (Moreno) for a headcase who refuses to report to the team he's been traded to.

Stubler would need 1-2 seasons to get this defense on the right track, and even then, Obie would have to go out and make some good trades and free-agent acquisitions.

Maybe next year but Stubbler would be nuts not to cash his HC cheque tille the end of the season and go sit in the sun and clear his head of this nightmare.

Tom Higgins as HC, Stubbler as DC and Paopao ST coach...

Problem fixed

Having Stub as DC would make it a lot easyer on Obilovich come FA time...

Sure it would, but that's no guarantee.

Nothing is guaranteed in sports, just like it isn't in life. Higgins,Stub,Paopao and Obi that's like 100 years of CFL experience. Mostly succesful experience.

yes it would make people excited again-having stubes to run the . teaching it would take time but that's why you bring in guys who've played in it to help guide the other players. steinauer would be a great start followed by fletcher.


run the D., sorry 'bout that folks.

city legend

The Argggh...ohs are really loading up.

Two experienced, successful former NFLers and 'The Don"

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They signed nine players, including two
former NFL first-round picks on Monday.

Breaking news:

According to the FAN 590 in Toronto,
the Argonauts are set to relieve Rich Stubler

of his coaching duties and Don Matthews
will be named their new head coach

at a news conference on Tuesday.

8) I find it quite ironic that 2 weeks ago, many members on this site ran down Rich Stubler and called him every name in the book, while he was HC of the Argos.
 Now that he is going to be fired, you want to bring him to Hamilton  !!

 Simply halarious, and so typical  !!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

At least we beat the argos yet again. This time in the rush to get a new head coach.

8) Gord Stellic and his co-host on the Fan, said that the Argos should have hired Charlie as their new HC !!
 When they reported that Stubler was going to be fired today, and replaced by the Don, they called the Argos the most dysfuntional sports team in Canada  !!

 Hey, what about those Leafs  ???

Can he do any worse?

I suspect there would be an improvement pretty quick. How much the improvement there would be and how fast is another matter.

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If we bring in Stubler make sure Mike Walker comes with him. Then make DMac our OC, bring in Darren flutie to help with the receivers

and wow am I dreaming this would ever happen?

wow this team is a bleaping disaster. whom ever makes the coaching decisions (on who should be in/out) should be gone. The Don is probably the best CFL coach out there and would be a perfect fit for this team to get their attitude right. And now he's gone to the Argos who will turn their season around (GUARANTEED) and leave us in the dust.

Can't wait for 2-5 more seasons of losing.

I dunno.

I have to be convinced that his time has not passed.