Stubler out - "the Don" in!

As reported on the, it appears the Argos have fired head coach Rich Stubler, and are replacing him with Don Matthews.

I don't think too many saw that coming. Pinball coming back maybe but we all though The Don was through coaching.
Sorry to see Stubler leave because he is the best defensive coach in the league IMO. Just not cut out to be a head coach.

I feel bad for Stubler. He never was given a chance to succeed with moves that took place in which he had no say in.

How is Don Matthew's health?

If The Don can stay healthy, this is the best move the Argos have made in years. On or off the field. In any capacity.

Matthews knows how to win. He will turn this team around.

The Don may get a QB. I don't think the Don will be as good as before. Higgens would have been better.

A surprise to me.

I thought Stubler might get shown the door, but I thought it would be after Friday’s game.

Even then, I figured either Rita or Mohns would take over as interim coach for the balance of the year.

But I’d look to see Stubler as defensive coordinator in Hamilton next season.

Looks like Toronto has upstaged Hamilton in the coaching changes.
You can't get any better in the CFL than the Don.

So what next, Dave Richie coming back to Winnipeg?

dave richie wishes to be at home with his granchildren. so he said before, but one can never tell. Winnipeg would have to eat at least $750,000 in Barry's salary which he signed for 3 more years. Everythings not good in Peg town.

Don Matthews is this leagues ultimate con artist, I doubt he missed the coaching as much as he finds pleasure in getting what he wants because he demands it.

argos owners are retarded, why not make this move before they play montreal ,where matthews knows their personnel, and knows how to contain A.C.

I guess we should raise a glass, or several, to the Don... (wink)

They couldn't fire Stubler before the Montreal game because he'd just delivered a win in Hamilton.

And sure, the winningest coach is CFL history is just a con artist. :roll:

Love him or hate him, Don Matthews gets results.

I don't think coaching was the problem in Toronto, however I do think it was a problem in Hamilton.

The reason Toronto are not competetive this year is because their lack of talent. When you think about it, the Argos are lucky to have 4 wins.

Hamilton has scored more points than us and have allowed fewer points than us. Furthermore they have beaten us soundly two times this season, while we squeaked out 1 win against them.

The fact of the matter is that we are probably the weakest team in the league and the only reason we have twice as many wins as Hamilton and Winnipeg is that Stubler was able to outcoach his opposition to win those close ones.

Firing Stubler was a mistake. A new coach won't improve the Argos. They need a major overhaul for them to be a good team again.

Is he an interim coach? Coaching for the rest of the season, until Pinball finds a new coach? Or is this for a while?