Stubler out - "the Don" back in!

As reported on the , the Argos have fired head coach Rich Stubler, and are bringing back in Don Matthews! ~Bluesman


Dead serious.


I don't see this being reported anywhere.


So it is true...

Source: Stubler Out, Matthews In
The FAN 590 has learned that the Toronto Argonauts are planning on making a coaching change. The source states that Rich Stubler will be relieved of his coaching duties and Don Matthews will be named head coach at a news conference on Tuesday. The FAN will have more details as the story unfolds.

Is this for real? Seriously?

The Don in Toronto?


Business has just picked up.

Taman and Obilovich might as well hangup the phone and go to bed LOL!


Poor Stubler... I feel bad for the guy.

I dunno if he's cut out to be a head coach. He always seemed really abrasive with the media.

Best of luck in the future, Stubler! I kinda hope he stays on as defensive coordinator or something... but from the sound of the article, it doesn't seem likely.

One of the Argos told me this spring that the politics and infighting was out of control...Stubler never had a chance. Hopefuly he gets another shot.

Maybe Stubler will go to Hamilton.....naw gotta be a better offer some where else.

It never really looked like Stubler was in control of this team. Too much interference from higher up, which he doesn't seem to have taken a strong enough stance against, is what doomed him. Its a shame.

The Fan's website now says there is a press conference at 11am to confirm it.

The Argos are scheduling a press conference this morning to announce Mathews has returned.
The status of Stubler and or whether he will remain is unknown.

I will have to see it to believe it, but even Don Mathews can't save this team.

I remember when Matthews left Montreal due to "heatlh" reasons... ahem....

I wish the Ti-Cats got him, turn that team around

The announcement is made. "The Don" is back in charge of the boatmen.

And why is that suddenly invalid because Matthews is coming back to coach after nearly two years away from the game? If the Don is coming back, I'm assuming he's much healthier now than he was in 2006, when he was in such poor shape that he had to ride around Als practices in a go-cart because walking was too strenuous.

,,,THE DON' is good for the good he'll be for the Argos at this time remains to be seen... i wonder how Stubler feels...///????? :roll:

The last I checked Kerry Joseph is Don Matthews qb.