Stubler named HC of Argos

As expected, Rich Stubler has been promoted to the HC position of the Argos. He said some pretty flattering things about Kavis Reed so it looks like he'll be promoted to Stubler's old job. OC Steve Burrato is in Montreal today to interview for their HC opening and will liklely get it because he's a buddy of don Matthews.

Stubler also was non-commital about O'Shea returning next year. If O'Shea isn't back, that might make Armour more attractive to the Argos.


An Argo-Cat fan

That's what I Don't want see Armour in Double blue.

Appointing Stubler as head coach will really help the Argos struggling offence. :thup:

Well, that will all depend whom he takes on as OC or if he stays with the status quo. I hate to say it, but this bodes well for the double blue.

Some of the best dc in football often fail as hc.


I think both Wally Buono and Don Matthews were defensive coordinators before becoming head coaches, and they have had rather stellar careers....

I don't think it matters what side of the ball the coaches come from.
Some make godd choices as HC and some are bad.
A couple close to the Cats that I can think of are Don Sutherin failed as a head coach, and Rod Rust was terrible in his head coaching opportunities.

True, true, two good examples on that side of the ledger.

Don Sutherin (Cats)

Are you a youngin' or did you just care to blot that out of your mind? LMAO

Sudsy was a master DC, but that didn't translate as a HC.

There are more examples of course, but it tends to be OC-turned-head coaches that crash and burn more because by and large they are hired more.

There are many more famous examples in the NFL -- Bill Belichick's first head coaching stint in Cleveland was lamentable, as one example. It certainly made him a better coach the second time around though!

Oski Wee Wee,

The latter. No one would ever call me a "youngin'"....I'm so old.....the guy who invented the wheel? I was best friends with his father.

Wow! How easily we forget. But for the career ending injury to Dunigan, the Cats were going to be a great team under Sudsy. Calvillo was the back-up but just wasn't ready. Look how he turned out. I think Sudsy was a great HC who was wiped out by misfortune.

As a fan, the Dunigan injury was one of the saddest things I can remember to the Cats (the Tom Pate tragedy being #1). For those eyeing a possible Casey-Dickenson soap, Vol. 2, I would serve that as a cautionary tale. When you know a guy has a concussion history, you'll rolling the dice.

As someone who followed Volume One, I would only WTF it once. Now that THAT is over with... LOL
Richie Williams IS part of this team's immediate present and hopefully glorious future if developed correctly.

I would never call for someone to retire -- Dave Dickenson has the right to earn a livelihood. Nevertheless, the risk factor is there after repeated trauma, much like boxing.

Oski Wee Wee,