Stubler leaves Esks; joins Lions in B.C.

I think this is definitely good news. :smiley:

Not so sure.

Don't get me wrong, I love watching Stubler's defences.

But he has a distinct preference for a 3/4 base set, and given the Lions' personnel on D I don't think it's a good idea. Benavides was using a 3/4 base set at the start of last season and it wasn't working, so he switched to a 4/3 and BC's defence improved dramatically. It allowed them to play 4 D linemen who were excellent, it allowed Elimimian to play his natural position as the lone MLB, and it allowed Korey Banks to be moved back where he belongs at DHB.

I'd hate to see him mess with that and go back to a 3/4 as he likes to do.

It would mean sitting down one of your excellent D linemen; it would reduce Elimimian's effectiveness, and I don't think the Lions have the personnel to start 4 LBs, unless he moves Banks back to the LB corps, which I think reduces his effectiveness, he's much better in the secondary.

Hope Stubler is flexible on this. . .