Stubler done in Edm.

....hmmmmmm Very Interesting....Says he does not want to re-up with the esks. and wants to pursue other options....Okay maybe i'm specualting huge here BUT IF we lose Burke to Ham. I would hope we would pusue Stubler..He has the kind of touch as a d co-ordinator that Burke has...We wouldn't be losing too much IF we could sign him here...Just a thought and a lot has to transpire over the next little while for that to happen :roll:

papa I love watching Stubler's defences, I find them fascinating. . . but I'm not at all convinced that he's a good fit in Winnipeg. He always runs a 3/4 defence. Winnipeg's stellar D last season was in large part due to the (a) line and (b) secondary. I don't think your LB corps was as good. I don't know that the Bombers have the personnel to effectively run a 3/4 defence, so I don't think Stubler would be a good fit there.

There are reports MJ; one from TSN that Stubler perhaps could/will be the new DC in the Lions den.

Funny, he left BC to go to Edmonton to work under Reed. . . wonder why he'd choose to return there. . .

MadJack…Stubler was a position coach , DL, in BC not the coordinator. Benevides was DC there. So he went to Edmonton to take DC.
But he was definitely a known commodity in BC and the move makes sense given Benevides moving up from DC.

To an extent Flag. . .

What would concern me were I to be a BC fan, is knowing his penchant for a 3/4 defence, I sure wouldn't want that given BC's personnel.

BC started the season last year in a 3/4 and it wasn't working; Benavides switched to a 4/3, and their defence took off. They had a great front four; 3 LBs anchored by Elimimian in his natural position as sole MLB, and they moved Korey Banks back where he belongs at DHB; I always thought he was a fish out of water as an OLB in a 3/4 defence.

If Stubler wants to go to a 3/4 again, that means sitting down one of their excellent D linemen, and I don't think they have the personnel to play 4 LBs, unless they mess with Banks and move him back to LB which I think would be a mistake.

I was just responding your initial musings as to why he left BC to work with Reed then back again.

Well Flag like I said, I understand to a point. . . leaving a position coach position in BC to go to Edmonton for a promotion to DC makes sense; what is a bit odd is leaving that DC post in Edmonton after only one year to take the same post in BC. . .

...The whole coaching situation in the CFL this season seems to be in total flux...Odd moves for sure with a tampering charge to boot :lol: ..I see the Bombers are losing another coach in Wisenhan as he is headed to the ncaa...I don't mind that move too much as i think he should have gone with Baressi...Bring in the new guys :rockin: