stubler crying

just a random thought but, how do we know it wasnt an argo fan disapointed with" his" team. lol.

There should be zero tolerance for this sort of thing. It’s no different than throwing coins on the ice at a hockey game. Also, had that beer filled balloon fallen short and hit me in the back of the head, I would’ve sued the guy.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) The so called people that engage in such actions as running out onto the field, and throwing beer over people, are just low life scum balls to begin with !!!
They are at most sporting events, and you don't have to look too hard to find them at the best of times !!

cripes! at 8 bucks a beer, i wish someone would throw one at me.

My mind is changing on this one - at first I thought it was a boorish act that should be punished by something more than an expulsion, but now I'm starting to think that maybe the Cats fan in question was just getting an early start on celebrating Dorsey's ST Player of the Week win by buying him an ice cold balloon of beer. And by the way, where on the concessions level are they selling beer by the balloonfull these days?

The delivery method seems so odd that I'm tempted to think that the balloon was actually full of what happens after beer has been partially processed by the human digestive system. There's a tradition of that in places where fans stand for hours in the cheap general admission seats while watching the kind of football they play in most of the rest of the world.

Stubler is right, although when you allow one of your players to prance around in a superhero mask during the game you look more than a little ridiculous accusing fans of acting inappropriately or immaturely.

This is why I wouldn't cry if there was a track in a new stadium, Barn!

Physical abuse of players by fans is absolutely unacceptable and vice versa. It is one thing to yell and exchange banter with players -- I get that. The problem is the louts who will throw things at players and hit other fans, team personnel, etc., not to mention their targets.

In the "good ol' days," you'd hear of beer showers given to players going out of the IWS visitors' locker room. Times have changed and projectile-throwing nonsense has to to be curbed. After the beer-bottle barrage of Cleveland Brown fans in the Dawg Pound in 2001, my threshhold for this kind of behaviour went zero-tolerance!

Oski Wee Wee,

whatever the Cats spend on security, its not enough...

Ive attended games as an Als fan and as a Cat fan and I can tell you, at times IWS can be a scary place.

Also, I don't buy the "Hamilton is a Blue collar city" argument. The fact that someone works in a steel mill does not give you the right to abuse players of either team, fans or IWS staff, verbally or physically.

I have never seen a fight in 8 years at Molson stadium...never.

Ive seen four fights at IWS in my two visits there this year.

Not good.

it was worng but give me a break, It was a flipping water/beer ballon. Obviously no intent.

Throwing a car battery might make our city look bad.

Drunken fans in other cities are probably jealous

because their stadiums' seats aren't close enough
to the players for somebody to throw beer at them.

They can only throw beer at players
at their hockey rinks and ball parks.

Although I would not do it

and I would not advocate it

what harm can come from a beer shower?


It is very unlikely that security staff
will ever spot this before it happens.

The security staff dealt with it.

The culprit was removed and banned,

he will be fined for trespassing
if he is seen at any further games.

Agreed. The perp went out of his way to fill a "water" balloon. So it could be argued that his intent was to not injure.

Kids have waterballoon fights.

It's not like he threw a full beer can or even a full cup.

But, yes, it was wrong just as chewbaca73 says.

Stubler is right.
Talk nice about him. He could be our DC before too long.

Not as long as he wears blue!

But, count me among those that would be thrilled to have him as our DC.

This type of incident cannot be tolerated, however unless security installs X-rays and metal detectors at every gate, these types of isolated incidents may occur.

Perhaps Coach Stubler should concentrate on the 40 odd players he's charged with keeping in line (including Spiderman), and leave the security issues at Ivor Wynne to the Tiger Cat organization, and the City of Hamilton.

How would an X-ray stopped a guy from buying a can of beer in the stadium and filling a water baloon with it and throwing it at a player.....just saying.

In light of the balloon incident, I took another look at the sticky post about prohibited items at the top of the forums. And who'da thunk - balloons ARE on the list of prohibited items. I guess someone at Ticat HQ knew what they were doing when the crafted that list.

Now I didn't see anything about wooden curling brooms on the list, which explains how that guy got through security Monday.

I think we should mail a few of these to Coach Stubler

Poor Baby Need a Bottle... :lol:

Regardless of what it was, there is no excuse for it. People have a right to expect to not be pelted with water balloons at random. Let me know where you're sitting next game and fire a couple at ya and don't you dare get upset because after all, it's just a water balloon for Christ's sake.

What does Stubler want?? I think he's a whiner for bringing this happened, and was dealt with promptly.

Good job, Ivor Wynne Security...

Clowns like Stubler would have us strip searched at the gate -- looking for balloons.

A costly waste of beer anyway.