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The Toronto Argonauts came away with a win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the Labour Day Classic but head coach Rich Stubler wasn't happy with the lack of security for his players at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

According to reports in Toronto, Stubler would like to see the Tiger-Cats fined and one unruly fan charged after running back Dominique Dorsey was allegedly struck by what appeared to be a balloon filled with beer.

"Hamilton should be fined for that," Stubler told the National Post on Tuesday. "You've got to have better crowd control. I'm going to be real honest with you -- that's not good."

Stubler expressed his concerns to the league but officials concluded in a statement that proper measures "were taken by Hamilton's security following the incident."

According to the Toronto Sun, police escorted the fan out of the stadium and the Tiger-Cats have banned him.

"We take a lot of abuse there," Stubler told the newspaper. "I mean, there's a lot of name-calling, there's a lot of stuff. But you've got to draw a line somewhere in the sand, and when you draw a line, you can't throw stuff at players on the field."

The Tiger-Cats have promised to increase security at Ivor Wynne for future games.

"I would be surprised if we don't spend the most in the league on security," Ticats president Scott Mitchell said. "We actually not only have security that's paid for by the city as part of the facility, we augment that by hiring our own security staff at our own cost. It's been incredibly successful in deterring incidents in the stadium."

The two teams do not meet again in the regular season.

Didn't Stubler say the rivalry was a media contrivance?

Sorry I don't think it a Joke. I think Stubler is right. You can't have drunken idiots throwing things at players of any team, and getting away with it.

Do you remember a few (?) years back, the fans in Winnipeg pelding our players with snowballs at the bench through out the game, until one of our players went into the stands after them.

Remember Yankee fans throwing dry cells batteries at opposing outfielders. You can't put up with that kind of crap at any level.

Shut up stubler no matter how much is spent on security no matter what the team does there is always gonna be an idiot who just doesnt give a @#%&. There is always gonna be a drunks etc and a few unruly ignorant fans should have no represtation of the majority of high quality fans

I'm mad too. Wasting beer.

Face it Rich ... you and your team are absolutely despised in this City.

Mail in the 2 points if you are too afraid to come here.

Stop whining like a b*tch.

Maybe Stubler didn't realize it was Canadian beer.

This thread is funny.

Let me see if I get this right:

If Torontonians were to do this, it'd be their fault for having a lack of class.

If Hamiltonians do this, it's the fault of those bringing up the issue, because they're being babies and b*tches?

Remember Yankee fans throwing dry cells batteries at opposing outfielders. You can't put up with that kind of crap at any level.
Not that it matters, but this was done by fans of the Philadelphia Phillies

Thanks "buff" that does sound more like something that would happen in the "City of Brotherly Love".

Philly fans are crazy!!!

[i]"You unlock this locker room door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension. A dimension of sound. A dimension of sight. A dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into Ivor Wynne Stadium's...The Carling Zone. ?

“ You're about to meet an angry man: Mr. Richard Stubler, who carries on his shoulder a chip the size of the national debt. This is a sour man, a lonely man, who's tired of waiting for the breaks that come to others, but never to him. Mr. Richard Stubler, whose own blind hatred is about to catapault Dominique Dorsey into the darkest corner of the Carling Zone."[/i]

So you want the league to fine the team because a rowdy fan is at fault. They have double the security than most. The booted and banned the guy. What else do you want? You cant blame the team for a vety passionate fan that simply hates the Argos. Suck it up Stubler your a joke

hey Stubs, you better watch it, you might have to use IWS as your home stadium if you get booted out of the RC by Phil Lind and NFL Rogers Company and MLSE has to side with the soccer boys who don't want you in "their" stadium (apparently the soccer boys own BMO I guess?) :lol:

I dont blame Stubler for being POd at that incident. I`m all for making it real hard on the Blue team with noise and a supportive crowd. Throwing beer balloons at players, just makes our city look bad.

Eagles games are legendary for bad behaviour. In addition to fighting and throwing stuff on the field, there was an incident in the 90s when someone fired a flare gun across the stadium.

At one point they decided to have a municipal judge presiding at an in-stadium court during games to try and deter the worst offenders. Don't know if they still do that.

Remember a few years back when Bashir Levingston threw his helmet at a child in the stands?

I can't believe the amount of support that the incident is getting from Ticats fans, condoning it as just some good ole' rivalry fun. Regardless of how the tough guys on the forum like to paint Stubler as a b**ch, he is absolutely right. Whether or not the Cats should be fined for it, I don't know, but it is absolutely unacceptable for a fan to do that. I don't care how "passionate" he is or how much he hates the Argos. If you honestly do ACTUALLY HATE the opposing team then you should go see a psychiatrist. There is no excuse for assaulting players, and yes, it is assault. Whoever did that is a complete low-life.

Agreed. This kind of idiotic behaviour by so-called fans makes the whole city look bad. People who defend this type behaviour make the city look even worse.

You cant blame the team for a vety passionate fan that simply hates the Argos
8) hmmm, since I hate the Leafs worse than the Argos, would that make it all right to do the same thing to them at the AC Center??? :wink: