Stubble Update - EDSF

In this crucial week of practice & preparation it looks as if Coach Austin is starting off with 1 maybe 2 days growth. I'm a little concerned ... I would have preferred a good, full, healthy week's worth at this point! You can always trim it back! I sure hope Kent isn't taking a cavalier attitude to this very important aspect of game prep & TiCats success correlation! I'm not sure at what rate Kent sprouts facial hair so we'll have to keep an eye on it.

But just in case ... I recommend Kent start increasing his intake of Vitamins B1, B6 & B12. 2.5 mgs of Biotin daily & eat lots & lots & lots of protein! Watching reruns of Duck Dynasty wouldn't hurt either!

It is Mo-vember after all so it is stubble for a good cause beyond helping us win. lol

I've never been the biggest fan of these playoff beards. The teams that win think the beards brought them good luck. But what about the teams that lost? I think the NY Islanders started the trend around 1980 or so. Everybody in the championship photo always looks like Grizzly Adams.

fear the beard!

It's not about playoff bearding, it's Austin's stubble. When Austin comes to the game clean shaven, they lose more often then when he comes into the game stubbly. Kent Austin's stubble has magical powers, however, it needs to reach that happy medium, just beyond short sexy stubble but just bellow grubby stubble.

Case and point.

[url=] ... dy-to-play[/url] - After Winnipeg this week, we blew them out [url=] ... 851821.jpg[/url] - Touchdown Atlantic, barely won, note only short stubble is present. - After 3rd Montreal game, close game but note stubble is getting grubby - Beat the Argos with optimal stubble - Loss to stubble - Win vs BC and proved the team was a contender, optimal stubble - Win vs Winnipeg, optimal stubble, although approaching grubby - Loss to Edmonton, stubble is grubby


Thank-You for the documentation @Hammer!

Optimal Stubble Is The Goal!

Err on side of grubby!

No stubble is very bad! I don't even want to contemplate the consequences!

I think we should put Mrs. Austin in charge of the situation. She could be Quality Control Coach Stubble!

Sort of the Q.C.C.S.T.C.M.T.?*

*Quality Control Coach Stubble Tiger Cat Management Team

The "PURRRR"FECT LOOK!!!!!!The "FEAR"ed BEARD Play-off Style!!!! :cowboy:

Update ...

Stubble is nearing perfection ... the fundamental facial follicle foundation has been formed!

Almost optimal! We're on track everyone!

P.S. I saw it in person at practice today ... truly magnificent & majestic! I found myself drawn into it's aura from 50 yards away! Magical I tell you ... Pure Magic!

I dunno man, it looks a little long, we might get some grubby stubble by Sunday.

I think Coach Austin will do a little trim ... just a little touching up ... just prior to Saturday walk though ... He's right on schedule!!!

I anticipate ideal stubble for Sunday!


Coach Austin Shaved!!!

Is two days gonna be enough to grow back to the optimal stubble?

I'm concerned ladies & gentlemen ... I'm very, very, very concerned!!!

All is not lost ... yet ... But WHY! WHY!! WHY!!!

Playoff stubble :cowboy: it's a good thing!!!!:wink:

I personally haven't shaved sinced last game of season......and don't plan on shaving for another 3 weeks!!!! Play-off beard in full growth,itchy as hell,but it's staying on until the Cats are no longer playing,which I predict won't happen for a least 3 weeks!!!!!Grey Cup Baby....All the way!!!!! So let's everybody lose the razors and join me in BEARD POWER all the way to the Cup :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :thup: :thup: :cowboy:

Itchy new beard? Probably didn't get all the soap out: you gotta rinse and rinse real well. Also to stop stubble from spiking you use electric preshave - softens it right up.

Unshaved (but not untrimmed) since '68

Has anyone thought to compare stubble between Austin today, and his Grey cup wins?

Perhaps he realized he started the stubble prematurely this year, and is now making it right!

2007 GREY CUP…A clean shaven Austin!!! :? :cowboy: :o :o :o Go Figure???

If there is a "Thread of the Year" award, i'm nominating this one!!!!!!!!

"SWEET FANCY MOSES!!!" ....too funny :lol: :wink: :thup: :rockin: :smiley:

Excellent work BoBo & HTD ... I feel better now ... I was beginning to stress out!


Still hope he lets it go between now & Sunday ... 2 days stubble/growth is good I think!

I wonder what his stubble to win ratio was at Cornell?