Stu Foord

Can anyone explain to me why we don't utilize Stu in the backfield. He's sitting on the bench - only playing on special teams - when pounding Cates up the middle isn't working use Stu. Look at how successful Calgary has been using Reynolds and Cornish. We seem insistent on using Cates alone - I think Doug Berry should show a little creativity in how he trys to establish a running game.

because he's Canadian that's why.

it's sorta like why there are no Canadian QB's.

these coaches seem to think that a Canadian cannot truly start at RB simply because there are no qualified Back ups.

Foord is not exactly the biggest guy either. he's quick and he's fast but he's not big and if you truly look at it, he'd get beat up out there play after play.

I disagree with you on that one. Besides we have Cates to run up the middle - Stu would be more of a run around the end type player. I don't think his toughness is an issue whatsoever.