Stu Foord Might finnaly get a chance!!!

It seems as though Dirtbag Wally might actually save a guy's career instead of destroy it... Stu Foord has had one of the best average yards per run for many years, yet has never gotten a fair shake. Can you say Geoff Johnson... That was until Dirtbag Wally came a callin and now it would seem that Foord will be at the very least AJ Harris's back up... Maybe Dirtbag Wally will run them in tandem.
Dirtbag Wally might be getting soft in his old age... He saved Arland Bruce's career last year, and actually changed his mind on giving Paris Jackson the ole Jason Clermont(We' will run you until your legs fall off, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out) Only time will tell if ole Dirtbag has turned a new leaf and is now into actually having respect for people.

Very humble of yourself to refer to yourself as Dirtbag. Step one to gaining any respect may be on the way for you yet.

wow, talk about disrespect towards a guy.

Stu Foord was never good enough to start.

he has a good running ability but it's limited to the style of game he played.

I don't really think you'll see that much more from him than what he got while in Saskatchewan.

Foord has some good quickness and he's a hard working RB. but it's not going to be good enough im afraid.

Stu Foord fills a hole in BC. With Harris a contender to retain the starting spot, the Lions need to have non-import depth at RB. Jamal Lee has retired and that left a hole that Foord fills nicely. He is a good ST player and a capable back-up at RB that has potential upside. In this business, chances are as much about the other guy getting injured or having a bad day and happening to be the next guy rather than being specifically groomed to have a "chance".

Lee played?

For the most part agreed. Foord has little talent, but he's tremendous heart. His greatest asset is complete disregard for fear. He will put his head down and run straight ahead until he runs into something twice his size that knocks him over. You cannot watch him play for your team without pushiing your chest out a bit and standing tall. He has i dunno 20 career carries for 130 yards and 4 concussions.

I LOVE Stu Foord but I highly doubt that he will get many touches. He will likely take Jamall Lee's spot and have the same stat line and play every special team situation (just like Lee).

BUT - since Andrew Harris is NI (and Lee split town), Foord as an NI backup could be the plan. And if they want to rest Harris or if (hopefully not) Harris gets hurt, Foord could get some action.