Strong words from the Stampeders

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Stamps are wrong on this. Tell your QB to hook slide next time... he only got hurt because of the miracle shoe-string tackle... bad series of events, nothing less.

somehow, though, I doubt this fine will matter to the Stamps
The Commissioner’s Office announced today that it has fined the Calgary Stampeders Football Club $10,000 for publicly making disparaging comments towards the Canadian Football League.

No further comments will be made by the Canadian Football League on this matter.

Well worth it the ownership group is looking after the welfare of the franchise and its players. I am proud of them.

Yeah, gotta take care of the team, and its players. Or at least you should do.

I didn't see what the Stamps said. Are they upset about the play where Burris was injured. I didn't see anything at all wrong with the hit. I don't think the guy that hit him could have stopped. I wish teams would just do the complaining through proper channels if thats what they are in trouble for. It makes the league look bush and it why every good league does not allow it. I love the CFL but don't like when teams use the press to dump on refs, teams, or players.

Where is the video....this can be another incident of the Refs, the league and majority of fans being wrong and RW05 being right.

Burris was and still is a whiner when he gets hit. He did it in Sask and does it all the time in Calgary. Nothing new here....

I honestly think Burris was injured when he landed out of bounds, not from Zeke hitting him.

…I realize the club probably has to say something, anything, but it sounds perilously close to whining if you ask me…

…I would have just made the announcement about Hank’s injury and wouldn’t have said anything at all about to league’s position that if your franchise player is out of bounds and on his back as long as it looks like you can’t help it then that franchise player is fair game to be creamed…but thats just me…

I can not watch CFL football without becoming irate at the state of officiating. The league is somewhat of a joke and although it is marketed well and the product on the field is usually very good the officiating is atrocious. I can not really completely blames the referees as the CFL League office is equally if not more incompetent than the individuals on the field.

With respect to the Calgary Hamilton game last week and the hit and subsequent injury to Henry Burris.

"the League office reviewed the play and determined there was no unnecessary roughness"

I can understand the refs missing the call although it seems like the CFL may be employing under-qualified professional wrestling referees, but to go on and say there was no foul on the play, especially after being able to review it, is idiotic.

It is my understanding that the league has instituted stricter standards on what qualifies as a foul when a quarter back is hit late. Why does it not apply in this case? In my mind this should have been a penalty in any era and rather than provide some admission of error the league office decides to tarnish it's already questionable credibility by making such a statement.

Well Red we all know the riders and their fans never ever whine.
Saskatchewan Canada's Whine country~)

I agree and its always a shame when a team in a race for playoff position loses such a key guy. QBs are the toughest to rep[lace. I guess we will see how good Smith is in the next couple of weeks.

...definately a test of character for the team....I expect a loss in BC, but a respectful loss will help build confidence for the home game the week after...

I expect a win!

I expect Calgary to keep it close in BC. Although BC is one of the defenses that you don't exactly want your QB making his first start against.

...truth be told, I am more worried about Joe Smith running willy-nilly against our front seven than I am about the stampeder offensive side of things...

Calgary & BC are always fun games to go to. Is it Sask. that comes to Calgary the week after ?

...the way i see it ..
Akili....starting against leos defence = Printers....starting against bombers defence...good luck my son.... :wink:

I hate to see our star QB go down with a serious injury, but I honestly don't think the refs screwed up. They have definitely missed a lot of calls this year and the inconsistency has been awful, but this time was not one of them.

Moreno did not intentionally try to hit Burris out of bounds. He was running in that direction and lost his balance and consequently fell on top of him. It was obviously an accident.

I know everyone, including me, is upset about the injury and that is why so many are calling for a penalty and disciplinary action. But, if you watch the play objectively it was not unnecessary roughness. It was an unfortunate accident.

Your judgement is slightly impaired maybe time for some new glasses. First did he hit burris out of bounds the answer is yes. Was it intentiinal NO. But the fact is if you look at many games this year that has been called. Time to watch some football games with your eyes open.

I think it is your judgement that is impaired. I am as upset as everyone that Burris will be out for at least 2 weeks, but that doesn't cloud my judgement of this particular incident.

I agree that he was hit out of bounds, but it was not intentional. That is the key as to why it is not unnecessary roughness.

I also agree with you that a penalty has been called on similar plays in other games, but that doesn't mean that it was the correct call. I truly feel that unnecessary roughness has been called way too much this year. I understand that it is to protect the players, but far too often the flag is thrown undeservedly and as a result it adversly affects the penalized team. That's not fair.