TV numbers continue to be strong for the CFL in the past weekend, being the second last of the regular season. Here are my version of the top 10 with applicable comments.

  1. Hockey, Sens-Leafs CBC @ 1.308M (very strong numbers continue, which begs the question how Canadians have short jilted memories)
  2. Hockey, Canaucks-Avs CBC @ 979,000
  3. Figure Skating, Saturday CTV @ 776,000(is this really a sport?NOT)
  4. CFL, Lions-Esks TSN @ 543,000(3rd largest of the year above average of 390,000)
  5. CFL, Ticats-Argos, Thursday TSN @ 462,000 (although technically not weekend, massive numbers to include halftime peak @599,000)
  6. No Fun League, Bills-Pats, Sunday TSN @ 423,000(prime time hours + no competition from CFL)
  7. CFL, Stamps-BB TSN @ 360,000(very good rating for Sunday afternoon and blowing away NFL competition)
  8. Figure Skating, Sunday CTV @ 291,000(enough said, see above)
  9. CFL, Als-Gades CBC @ 213,000(lowest of the year, well below 50% average, with poor Saturday afternoon)
  10. Figure Skating, Friday TSN @ 187,000
    This weekend games feature two good games which should draw above average ratings, Saturday night in BC and Sunday afternoon in Calgary.

Thanks , man..........The BILLS/PATS game , was most likely the highest of the year , for the NFL.....So far , the CFL highest was....1.2 million....How do you say : no contest!?

about about "butt fucking" HT! :mrgreen:

Fantastic numbers yet again, can't wait until the 27th!!!!

as the famous Aussie footballer Ted Wiccan once said "You stuck it to them!, stuck to the lot of them, that's what you did!!!"

Hey argotom, where do you get these numbers? I'm always curious to find these sorts of things ... thanks for supplying them anyway!
Now if only one more network would wake up, realize that the CFL is a sports ratings goldmine, and sign on for any games not on TV ...

Look at their legs, believe me, it’s a sport (even If I hate it)

how about golf? a sport?
how about car racing? a sport?

How about poker? A sport? :smiley:


how about bowling? :stuck_out_tongue:

poker not a sport, it's like WWE.

Ballroom Dancing, NOW THAT'S A SPORT!

I think the difference between a sport and a game is whether it makes you sweat (from physical exertion).

Hence car racing counts as a sport (you have to be in TIPTOP shape to do it, those guys lose a LOT of weight during a race).

Poker, golf and bowling are all games, just like Axis and Allies, or Monopoly ...

Baseball is borderline ...

ballroom dancing ... I don't think it's a SPORT, per se, but it isn't a game either ... if I had to put it in one of those two categories, it'd be a sport ...

CK the Neilson ratings come out regularly every week and in case of sport on the Tuesday for the weekend past, being generally the most watched. With regards to your other comment, I generally draw the line between sport and entertainment. We all agree WWE wrestling is pure entertaintment. Now, figure skating although it takes dedicated and truly amazing "athletes" it looses all credibility of potentially being a sport because it is judged. Enough said.

football is juged, just look at the effect the reffs have on a game

I'm surprised no one has offered up Canada's other favourite "pseudo(?)-sport": CURLING!!! Sport or not, Canada is one of the top nations in the world for that.

I'd (reluctantly) throw curling in as a game. Argotom, what site has the ratings?, or something?

Its apparently not available on the net that I have found. The ratings are internally available to various media members and are then printed generally by the papers The way I understand, the measurements are done country wide. Approximately 1000 households, the "average Joe" are hooked up to their TV sets and their TV habits are registered and hence, calculated on a percentage basis.
I agree with you about curling.

how high do u think ratings wil be for the games this weekend?

i say 800 000 for stamps and eskies
and 500 000 for sask. vs BC ( since its a late game for ontario and quebec )

i hope they are higher than that tho.

Being the last weekend, I hope that we exceed your numbers and especially since the playoff parings remain undecided.