Strong rumours. Durant to be released, Riders after Harris

It's been out there now and the rumours seem to have a little weight. The Riders will release Durant this upcoming week and when FA hits they'll be after Harris.

I'll laugh if they release Durant and don't land Harris.

Would make more sense to release Durant AFTER signing Harris.

But, then again, Jones is probably up to his tampering ways and already has a deal in place with Harris.

Not sure how you release a guy who is rehabbing an injury and is under contract ?
Harris is working out for some NFL teams.

this is another one of those "Canadian" hoaxes.........right?

One of the CFL's greatest fans going after his own team's QB.

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Durant seems to be on edge these days....

Darren @danglestein
Hey @dariandurant why are deleting your tweets, bro?
Scared of the @sskroughriders cutting you? #Riders

....Riders could trade for the rights to Harris, in exchange for Durant plus added incentive, before fa...although taking on a qb. who has torn up his ac ,and is making big money, is something that would not be to the liking of either Barker or Milanovitch... Although there could be something to the rumour, as I don't see Jones taking the risk of going to war with a big question mark at qb. either.... Getting into a bidding war for Harris with Mont. would also be avoided via trade....Guess we'll find out shortly as FA is approaching rapidly.. :roll:

Rumours, so much fun.

If Jones wouldn't remove Reilly with all his injuries the last few years with Edm, he is not removing Durant.

I would take Durant over Harris any day. Harris is not that young for a back up, there is not much benefit for that change. You would lose out on ability, experience, accuracy and arm strength.

This was probably leaked from Harris agent, if not just completely made up, as he has a QB he thinks can start, but no immediate opportunity anywhere in the league, maybe Montreal, but they have a vet, and a couple of good young QB's waiting in the wings.

Perhaps rumour started by Jones to scare Durant into accepting a pay cut ?

This feels very much like the Burris/Collaros situation two years ago. Sadly for Durant, there isn't an expansion franchise he can soft land with....

Durant would look good in blue and gold.

not to willy

Durant, Dressler and Chick, have/had clout. They have/had a say. Anyone does not think that Reynolds and the board doesn't have talks with these guys (especially Durant) similar to thise he had with Taman or Chamblin?

Jones is threatened by this. When Hitler's own brownshirt generals got too powerful he had their throats slit in the middle of the night. Same thing is happening here. With these 3 guys gone, Jones is the only one left with power. This is all about Jones' ego and power and nothing to do with winning football games.

Dark dark days ahead. These are happy happy times for all the haters because the Riders won't be anything special on the field so long as Jones is operating this way. Too much power too quickly. Jones didn't earn the Riders. He was handed the keys sight unseen. I can imagine the interview now:

Reynolds: Come work for us. You get complete control. Here's a number. Do you like the number?

Jones: Yes. Done deal.

Reynolds screwed up. He should have asked him his attitude about what he would do and how things would be run and who he wanted for his staff and why. I'm sure none of that was done. Instead he threw money at the wrong guy and it's all gone to Jones' head.

Stay tuned FYB - more truth than some are aware of.

....Godwin's Law, in it's purest form...

This is a football site, and we still have people bringing up the Nazis. I come here to get away from that crap.

Am I missing something?

Seinfeld was a comedy show but remember the soup Nazi? :lol:

There is maybe 1 option right now for trading Durant and that would be MTL, IMO. They've gone through so many QBs, I could see them picking up a vet like Durant to bring some stability hopefully, finally to Calvillo's old job. But even they might not be all that interested at the current contract. For everyone else, even BC going in with a relatively inexperienced QB, Durant would not be coming in as a guaranteed starter so his contract again would be the issue.

There's always been a personal connection between Rider players and their fans, and some players even more so given their success in Regina having led them to recent Grey Cups and a championship. But the reality is they hired a new guy who only cares about football. He doesn't care about the community between fans and players, loyalty, shaking anyone's hand, or being anyone's friend. His sole focus is winning football games on gamedays on his terms. Jones will build the team he wants, not the one the fans want. It's something that Rider fans will have to adapt to. At the same time, if he doesn't win and the fans have lost their favourite sons at the same time, should make for one heck of an agrarian revolt chasing him outta dodge.

"Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" one famous football coach one said. Jones will be in the community and all of that, he will have to be, if the Riders win, believe me. Rider fans will adapt if they win regardless of Jones' personality, me thinks. :wink: