Strong National Post article with 4 GM's

Not luvin the title but the content is great.

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Thanks Hf for that link, good read. :thup:

...average age of the 4 eastern starting QBs = 34.25 years...average age of the western QBs = 28.25 years

Calvillo fudges the stats :slight_smile:

“The objective is to win now,? Ticats president Scott Mitchell told a Toronto radio station on Wednesday.”

What was it last year? :smiley:

"Coach Bellefeuille is part of the solution, not part of the problem.?

Scott Mitchell: 18 September 2011

Going to be tougher than people think to 'win now'. Cortez, for all his experience, has never been an HC before. Burris will be working with an entirely new set of receivers and needs to correct some of his mechanical flaws that cropped up last season. The DC will be new. Cortez will be filling three different roles. Thigpen is gone. Not saying the Cats won't be a good team, but they may need time to become that team, and given what happened last season, Hamilton's management doesn't exactly strike me as being long on patience.

He is still a huge improvement over Bellefeuille and his rotating inexperienced coordinators.

No question. I like Cortez very much and think he's the best fit for Hamilton's needs. Just pointing out that he will also face significant challenges this season and it may not all be smooth sailing.