Strombo interviews Mark Cohon

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for drawing this interview with Mark Cohon
our new CFL commissioner to my attention.

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Hope springs eternal..etc

much like Mike Lysko and Tom Wright.

but he does have a 5 year mandate.

Mark is enthusiastic for the CFL to return to Ottawa
and about focussing marketing on our Canadian Players.

oh yea...the old interview where he says nothing of his vision, and just says all the good stuff about the CFL that Tom Wright did.

I watched the interview and I'm hopeful that Cohon will do a good job.

I wonder, however, that since this job has been so precarious in recent years, why the CFL would give him a five year mandate.

The job of CFL Commissioner is never a secure job, so why take this guy on for five years.

Optimistically, he could do a lot of good in that time but he could also inflict a lot of damage.

I wish him well.

If the league wants an experienced, successful sports executive to be its advocate and spokesperson, then the league needs to ensure that it doesn't create an embarrassing situation for the incoming commissioner as it has for those in the past. Cohon doesn't need this job as much as the CFL needs him. Establishing a five year window should make a statement that both parties are committed to move in the same direction and dissidents governors won't undermine him ... for at least four years ...

I'm guessing, but I suspect that Cohon asked for the five year term. The fact that the league gave it to him is a hopeful sign that past differences have been overcome. You're right, rocky123 -- hope and reality are two different things -- but let's be hopeful!

Cohon doesn't need this job as much as the CFL needs him.

I agree. And also about the statement thing. I think it will be an excellent fit with having someone like this guy.

He was Tap Dancing More then Fred Astaire