Stripes was robbed?

That is awful I seen in todays Spec that someone stole money from stripes while he was performing at the HOF.. I think that is a whats happening with this world?

here's the link

the title is Season gets much worse for ticat mascot

Poor Stripes. That's really awful.

wouldn't it be great if we did a collection or something for this guy at the next home game...maybe the 50/50 funds should be donated to him??? Any thoughts out there as to what we could do to help out a member of the ti-cat family??

I'm sure the 50/50 funds are already committed to a specific group unfortunately. Though there must be some way we could help Stripes out.

His loss is probably covered by the HOF's insurance since the theft occurred on their premises. However, he probably needs the cash asap to make the rent, buy food, gas, etc. You'd think the team would help him out here. Tit for tat.

An Argo fan

We really should do something for him... Ive met the guy that does STRIPES and he is a really good guy, a big fan and is great with the kids.

Its a shame this happened... i dont know how but we should try to find a way to do it.


I read that the other day and it is too bad.
I felt bad for the guy.
I hope things get worked out

You should find the guy that ripped him off and stick him into the middle of a Ticat practice without equipment and make him do contact drills with the team.

Seems kinda weird. How does the mascot even get interview to begin with? And then somehow this topic gets brought up???



Nothing weird about it, mascot and media are both at the HOF induction cermemony and a wallet inside the office gets ripped off.
Media hears about it and does what the media does, interviews involved parties.
As for the topic being brought up...99% of Ticat related stories get brought up here, why not this one?
If someone else didn't post it I planned on it.

What is weird though is how on a very busy day at the Hall somebody that isn't expected to be in that office managed to get in, search through a wallet and get out without being questioned.

As for helping Stripes out I would think a week after the incident he's either homless or has already received compensation, but it is something worth finding out, I agree that's a pretty decent man in there and if the money hasnt been recovered or replaced I'd also be happy to chip in.

Maybe more than money though a man freshly laid off
from ford could use a job. Any employers care to step up?

Bingo...Great Idea!

Also, if I knew how to do it, I'd copy "Canucklehead"s and "Crash" post :thup:

I'd be happy to pitch something in for Stripes! Why don't we all just put something in an envelope and take it to Guest Services with his name on it!

They would have to give him his "FAN MAIL" :lol: :lol:

just another example of how rotten people can be. Sorry to hear about this and I hope he was compensated. He does a lot for the community and he doesn't deserve to get that in return. Helping him out is a great idea.

Robbed in the line of duty, brutal.
If it was TC this may have been avoided TC could have chased the thief down with his ATC and run him over if need be.

I really, really, really hope that the Cats step up to the plate and reimburse Stripes.

While they're not legally obligated to do so, it would be the RIGHT thing to do. The Cats are a fine organization and I am sure they'll take care of Stripes. After all, as Zontar says, it was in the line of duty.

Presuming you're reading this Stripes; if the Cats don't come through - I'll cover your rent personally.

Let me know via PM.

Please refrain from implying that anyone is to blame for the missing money just because they're not a paid member of the HOF. As Rocky 123 stated, it's an accusation that's not needed on the site. It doesn't help Stripes and it just makes the volunteers feel badly. If you have evidence that might help, perhaps you can call the HOF or Ticat offices and let them know.

thanks, and thanks volunteers

the Ref

"You should find the guy that ripped him off and stick him into the middle of a Ticat practice without equipment and make him do contact drills with the team."

After what he's done, we're going to go to all that trouble to boost his confidence? :roll:

Great Photo Tuck :lol:
I'm sure he's just gonna blow the moola on a couple of oars.

:lol: That's hilarious! Must...resist...urge... to use "seamen" in a reply!

(great to see this quote thing working finally)

The Jason the Argonaut photo is ripped off from and is totally used without any consent given: neither written, spoken or implied!