Stripes vs. Solids GDT

Too obscure?

Kickoff is almost here. TSN1 has just switched over to the Ticats @ Lions game, with TSN3-5 showing the end of the one-sided Redblacks vs. Bombers game.

"Former NFLer Alex Green" - DRINK!

I was beginning to wonder.

And hey we got a first down on our opening drive. There might be hope...

And then Sanders lets one go through his hands...

Saunders picks up exactly where he left off last game. Gotta catch those.

Until Fantuz comes back, we have exactly one receiver we can count on to make a tough catch. (Use the force, Luke)

Did I read that right, Jennings has 12 intercepts compared to 6 TDs? Yikes...

Headhunter Awe hits with his helmet so often the tape is peeling off the top.

Chambers got something to prove here?


Holy smokes, are we going to see an upset tonight? Are we going to win a game we're supposed to lose after losing a game we're supposed to win?

All right!

Banks makes the tough catch for the TD!!

WTH is going on. TD Cats. Let's keep it up we are loooooking good.

Good evening folks, it's a late one. Was going to go to bed but thought I would watch the first quarter. So far so good.

Well that was a nice try on the short kick

Looked like we had that, but ended up being stripped of the ball. :frowning:

Come on D, don’t let us down. We have momentum.

Sounds like they just said Leonard is the only player on our current roster with an interception in 2017.